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Lacey's Journey into Power

No description

andrew schmidt

on 2 March 2016

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Transcript of Lacey's Journey into Power

Lacey's Journey into Power
This week's assignment was to create a MAP, which I intererpated as a map to describe my life, and to describe myself. Those around me know that I value excersise and fitness. Recently, I have been seeking my yoga teacher certification. I decided to incorperate my current PLAY and PASSION to my assignment. As I take you through the seqence of "Journey into Power" I will, at the same time, map out significant stages in my life.

The word "Yoga" literally translates to "to unite." Uniting my life and my fitness together has given me the opportunity to create my own greatness.
Deep Rest
Pictured, child's pose.
Born in 1985, I intengrated into life with two older sisters. During my childhood I lived in Allentown, PA and went to the best little elementary school in the world- Cetronia Elementary School. Cetronia is what made me fall in love with teaching, since I had wonderful educators and great memories. Most of what I remember about childhood are memories from the classroom.

Pictured, Sun A.
This pose represents the personality I developed. I quickly became a sensitve, yet bold child. During my younger years if I were loosing in a game with my next door neighbors, I'd simply close up to box and walk on home. I had a big heart, yet I did NOT like to be defeated. This evolved later in life, into a more healthy characteristic trait. Now, my BOLDNESS comes out in different ways. I take on challenges, and the word "enough" is never, ever enough. As a teacher, I try and bring this mindset into the classroom and positively influence children so that they know how much they can acheive!
Pictured, crow pose.
This yoga pose requires a lot of balance. Balance is something that is very important to me. Balancing my busy schedule, my eating, and my sleeping are all key components in my productivity and my mental state. At age 18 I went to college at Bloomsburg University. I hated it at first, but the four years went by quite quickly. College certainly required me to learn how to balance my emotions, and to balance work with play.
Pictured, tree pose.
Continuing on with my life, things started to equal out. i experienced equanimity. i got a job! I started racing triathlons! after a few years of hard work substituting in lower merion school district, i got my very own classroom! although there were certainly some 'storms' during this point, life was moreso described as 'calm.' the tree pose represents building a strong foundation in my life. one that, looking back upon, i am very proud of.
Pictured, Twisting Triangle.
In yoga, the goal is to unite. To tie the strands of the mind together to create intention. During my 20's, I spent most of my years grounding down. The things that meant the most to me were my relationships with friends, and establishing myself as a teacher. The twisting triangle represents hands on the ground, yet an open mind!

Pictured, Wheel.
At age 22 I completed my first Full Ironman triathlon. This was a major event of my life. The 140.6 mile race taught me how to say "Yes, I can!" rather than, "No, I can't." Wheel pose, much like Ironman, opens my heart up and brings me to my fullest expression.

pictured, boat pose.
next in my life, i got engaged. my husband, andrew, asked me to marry him after a bike ride in vermont. as we planned a wedding, we also settled on a house. shortly after, we called this house our home! stability helped us get through these exciting, yet stressful, times. a sound foundation, or core, enhances all poses in both yoga and in life.
Pictured, Pigeon.
Pigeon pose is the moment in my practice where I can just sit and reflect. In August of 2015, Andrew and I got married. We had the most beautiful wedding ceremony under a willow tree. I remember listening to the birds chirping as the breeze blew, just reflecting on how much happiness I have found in life. I am so thankful to have married an amazing man, and so grateful for our good health and our similar mindset.

Pictured, seated forward fold.
In the fall of 2015, I started my Master's program. I also decided since this was the year of continuing education, it was time to seek my yoga certification. Every day I need to remind myself to release, and fold. The busyness and chaos of life needs to be counteracted by a deep fold; letting it all go as not to get too wrapped up in the moment.

Pictured, handstand.
Looking back at the past 30 years, I feel rejuvenated. I feel like I've already accomplished so many great things, and have connected with so many wonderful people. From being born in 1985, to graduating high school in 2004, and college in 2007, to marriage in 2015 and a soon-to-be Masters Degree in 2017, it is rejuvenating to step back and take a look at the map of my life!
Pictured, savasana.
Today, I bow and say, "Namaste." The light within me honors the light within each and every one of you. This Connected Learning class has brought me in touch with new ideas, fantastic educators, and so much knowledge. May we all take the time to soak it in, and then close our eyes and do nothing other than just BREATHE.
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