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Japanese Fan Dance

No description

Rayna Q

on 5 June 2016

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Transcript of Japanese Fan Dance

Japanese Fan Dance
Japanese Fan Dance
Good Afternoon, Today we will be talking about Japanese Fan Dance. We will be explaining the history, what they wear, who invented it, and much more.
We will have a dance lesson and quiz so pay attention,
Lets begin.
Typically, the fans are made of paper. But, they could also be made of silk or fabric. They are bright colored and stand out with the dancers costume. The fans we used in our dance are called ribbon fans. The name is self explanatory it is a fan with a colorful ribbon to also match the costume.
The End!!!
We hope you learned a lot about our dance: The Japanese Ribbon Fan Dance.
In japan fans were mostly for personal air conditioning. But, they also used them while participating in fan dances. The fan dance was a symbol of social status. And was also a way of showing cheer and good wishes.
What Do They wear?
While dancing in a fan dance they can wear traditional clothes like the ones you are wearing now. But they will most likely wear Japanese clothing called kimono's. They are most commonly found in the colors of pink, and green.
Dance Time!!!!!
Hold your horses there is a quiz first.

1. What are the most commonly found colors found in kimono's?

2. What is the full name for our dance?

3. Where was the fan invented?

4. Are you ready to dance?
I thought so.
Dance Lesson
1. First, wave your fan in a figure eight.

2. Second, make a large circle in front of you. (if you want a challenge then make your hand follow the fan hand)

3. Third, bring your fan straight to the ground and then zigzag it in front of your face.

4.Extend your arms like your body is a T.
Who Invented The Fan Dance
There is no certain person who invented the dance. However the fan is known for being invented in Egypt during prehistoric times. They were known for use to keep fire alive. I assume that the japanese artist added a cultural design and purpose.
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