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New England Colonies Travel Brochure

By: Karen Barragan, Emma Barrett, Mckenna Tedrick, & Kendyl Yokoyama

Kendyl Yokoyama

on 8 September 2015

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Transcript of New England Colonies Travel Brochure

Table of Contents
Geography and Climate
In the New England colonies, the land is filled with beautiful scenery, mountains and forests. There is a lot of rivers and the coastlines are rocky. Which make the lumber industry grow. The sea has an enormous amount of cod.

By: Karen Barragan, Emma Barrett, Mckenna Tedrick, & Kendyl Yokoyama
New England Colonies
How do people make a living?
Native Population
In Summary...
The main population of New England are Puritans, a highly religious community. They have strong morals and a big heart. One of their main priorities are education.
The Native Americans that live in New
England call themselves the Wampanoag
Tribe. They are, of course, less civilized
than Europeans, but they are useful. They
have showed The colony how to grow
amazing foods that taste great!
Currently, the Plymouth Colony
has a peace treaty
with the Natives.
This treaty states
that the natives can do no harm to the Colony. New England is much definitively a safe place if you are worried about Natives.
Since the forests are huge there is a lot of wood for ship building. The fishing business is booming because there is a bunch of cod in the ocean.
They already started building a university that has a lot of promise! New England would be the best to place to start a family.
With help from the natives the Plymouth Colony thrived the summer of its first year. Due to this Plymouth celebrates a unique holiday with the natives called Thanksgiving. On this holiday colonists celebrates the good fortune of the previous year. Colonists eat heaps of delicious food and share company and conversation.
How do people make a living? That is a great question; here is how. In the colonies most people make a living by farming. They grow the lands native plants such as corn, squash, pumpkins, and rye. Although, sometimes the crops may fail, but don't worry the community has your back.
Within the New England colony, five separate groups spread out around the Atlantic coast and its nearby islands, as shown in the picture.
The five colonies included Massachusetts, Plymouth, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Haven.
Each colony separated because of different beliefs in government and culture, so when you come to settle in one of the New England colonies, make sure you know which one is best for you, though all are equally superb.
One of the most popular colonies of the New England colonies is Massachusetts. Massachusetts is known for its plentiful supply of fish and beautiful forests. If you are looking for a job in the fish industry and are interested in surrounding yourself in beautiful lakes and forests, then Massachusetts is the place for you.
The New England Colonies are a great place to live. They are up-in-coming centers of civilization. The colonies in this are have tight nit communities founded to be an ideal, Godly society. Farming in this area can be hard, the the work is more than worth it. A person can live off their home grown food and have enough left for a profit. Even the land itself is beautiful!
The other popular colony is
. Plymouth is known for its
hard-working and dedicated settlers that pushed through obstacles when times were tough. If you are willing to help continue to build and establish an amazing colony, Plymouth is where you have to be.
to the
new world
If you are a Puritan in New England, you and other Puritans are either being persecuted or are trying to escape to Holland. Puritans have been persecuted in New England for their religious beliefs and lifestyles. We tried to solve this horrid situation by hopefully thriving in Holland, and though this idea was working, our children are starting to grow up as Dutch Puritans, not English. Just because we want to purify the Church of England does not mean others have the right to torture us for what we believe in. How can we stay true to our roots without being murdered and abused?

Settle in the New England Colony. We came to America to worship, established churches, and as God commanded.
In new England
there are a
number of colonies
you could join. Each has a different and unique culture to choose from. Another thing to take into account is the remarkable peace treaty with the natives.
In general, the New England Colonies are great places to live and you should journey over as soon as possible!
The sun is out, about 100 days a year. It rains throughout the year so you will not have about not having enough water. It snows about 20 days a year.
The New England Colonies
1. Welcome
2. Settlements
3. Geography & Climate
4. Religion
5. Government
6. How to Make a Living
7. Daily Life
8. Education
9. Native Relations
10. In Summary
We hope that this brochure will inspire you and others to settle in the New England Colony where we came to worship freely, and so can you...
Daily life in the colonies includes working in the farm for harvest and working around the house. Children are taught to respect their parents and how to read. Most people keep journals and diaries. In the New England colonies we live longer than we would back in England.
Leave the old world and set sail to the
New World
where freedom lies within...
If you want to live in an ideal Puritan society then there will be no better place for you than the New England Colonies!
Most new England colonies are based on the Puritan religion. Being a Puritan means that God and the Bible are the highest concerns in your life. The Puritans believe that God chooses if you are an "elect" or chosen one before you are even born. Only you and God know if you have been chosen. People who have been chosen by God are generally successful and hard working with a deep knowledge that they have been chosen. The New England Colonies are an oasis for a Puritan!
The Puritan way is not only a very
Godly way to live, it is also a lucrative
way to live. The values of hard work,
frugality, and industry are instilled in
Puritans. This of course leads to great
What is the daily life in the New England Colony?
In Massachusetts, another colony with a unique form of government, colonists can vote in members to the courts that decide laws and decide criminal cases. Many crimes that are capital offenses in England have even been reduced! The sinners in Massachusetts actually admit their crimes and willingly submit to punishment.
New England has an amazing system of government. Plymouth has a government based on a compact that was drawn up when the colonists first arrived in the new world. This document is called the Mayflower Compact. The Compact outlines the law for the colony based on the Bibles teachings.
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