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Jeremiah Sanders

on 28 July 2016

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This residence hall is unique in the way that it is overseen by the two Apartment Coordinators and Hall Director Diane Hennan. It houses male and female residents in groupings of four to an apartment and consists of mainly junior and senior students. Each apartment has a full kitchen, two bedrooms, living room, and a private bathroom. East Street is known for its family-like feel and programs like Tin Caps games and Late Night Lattes.
The Office of Res Life is staffed by a well-trained and knowledgeable team of professionals and paraprofessionals:

The Director
The Administrative Assistant
Five Hall Directors
Two Apartment Coordinators
and 30 Resident Assistants.

Each member of the Residential Life staff helps build community for residents in their own unique way.

The Manchester Univeristy Department of Residential Life is committed to fostering a safe, comfortable living/learning environment which supports academic as well as social and community development. The department also supports the growth and development through campus and hall involvement, celebrating diversity and providing the opportunity for responsible decision making.
Resident Assistants (RAs) and Apartment Coordinators (ACs) are key components to the Residential Life Team and the livelihood of campus. They are people who develop ongoing relationships with residents on the floor and are committed to helping meet the needs of residents, as students and as responsible members of the campus community. Some of the tasks that come with being an AC/RA are programming, upholding university policies, performing mediation, dispensing information, and being a friend.

Whats the difference between an AC and a RA?

East Hall has 3 floors divided into 6 wings with a Resident Assistant on each. There is a balanced atmosphere between being noisy and fun and a place where you can get away to study.

East gives back to the community by hosting two annual events for children. In October each floor of East competes to decorate their wing in a kid-friendly theme of their choice. And in the Spring East sponsors an Easter Egg hunt for candy and prizes!

East also participates with campus wide activities such as Homecoming, where they've won the decorating contest two out of the last four years!
East Hall houses approximately 130 females and 70 males. 6 RAs serve this hall. It is known for its great sense of community!
Helman Hall is one of the suite style residence halls. At its maximum it houses 129 men and women, coed by floor. Each floor has its own study room available and two RA's per floor. Helman is known for campus wide programs like the Undie Run and the End of the Year Cookout, as well as its glittered great room floor.

The East Hall Director:
Letha Parrott is our resident movie buff with a collection of over 450 films. She is a Chicago native and, very much so, a people person!

Garver Hall is a traditional style building that houses 260 women and men. Floors are broken up by wing meaning half female and half male, except for ground floor which is all male. For this residence hall there are seven RA's, four male and three female. One of the most popular areas is the the Garver Lobby, which has a television lounge and recreational area. Garver is known for being a strong competitor in campus events and has well organized traditions like Haunted Garver, the Shoe Throwing Ceremony, and Penny Wars!
Garver Hall Director:
Shonda White can be recognized by her red hair and love for boots! Shonda comes to us from Springfield, IL and loves making trips to Fort Wayne to enjoy Chipotle, and is always up for something new.
Schwalm is a traditional hall that houses 235 men and women. One Resident Assistant is available per wing, with a total of 7 RAs serving about 40 residents each.
Schwalm Hall has one of the most upbeat and energetic communities on campus. Through interaction with such organizations as the Residential Housing Association (RHA), Student Government Association, and Hall Council, Schwalm is well known for creative and effective programming. The residents take pride in upholding many of Schwalm's programming traditions.
Collateral Assignments
Slip ‘N Slide
Jan. Term Carnival
Food Olympics
Rhiney Bowl Softball Tournament & BBQ
These are a 1/3 time commitment that RA's and AC's agree to as part of their Res Life duties. Potential collateral roles are: Training Team, Resident Assistant Council (RAC), Hall Council Representative, Food Committee Member, Resource Room Management, Residence Hall Association Representative, and Hall Lead Mediator.

The Schwalm Hall Director:
Jessica Hickerson, our football fanatic, is a third year Hall Director at MU. She enjoys reading, writing and gaming in her free time. Around campus you can find her rocking a Katniss Everdeen braid and always with a smile!
Oakwood Hall houses 129 men and women and is coed by suite (a little over half are women). Each wing has one Resident Assistant with about 25 students per wing.
Oakwood is home to all of the Nuts. It is known for a hollistic environment. This is MU's 24- quiet hall. Their quiet hours do not stop these Nuts from piping up for the annual Rave 2 Save, a charity sponsored by Oakwood since 2011. The RA and Hall Council Staff work together on this project and generally draw over 200 students, staff and faculty members.
The Helman Hall & East Street Director:
Diane Hennan is a classy Iowa native with a degree in English. She enjoys staff trips to Jimmy Johns, vintage comedies like "Some Like It Hot", and and most of all glitter. You can generally find her around campus enjoying a coffee meeting with fellow staff and ready to spark a conversation.

The Hall Director:
Rachael Beaumont, or Chef Rachael comes to us from Kansas! She is a huge fan of superhero themed films and geek culture. She is known for her array of dresses and delicious pumpkin bread!
Are you found?
Some of the benefits to being a RA or AC are:
It is a FANTASTIC resume builder
A diverse leadership experience
Training in crisis and mediation situations
A single room at a double price
Air conditioning wherever you live
$7.25/hour for 18 (RA) or 13 (AC) minimum hours
And More!
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