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Diana Dąbrowska

on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of Wedel

E. Wedel

Taking baby steps
Karol Ernest Wedel - German candy maker comes to Poland and starts his own business in Warsaw at 12 Miodowa Street with steam-powered factory making chocolates next to it.
He begins with the very first product "cream caramels", which are said to have healing effects and great delicate flavour according to "Kurier Warszawski"
What's more the store is selling over fifty cups a day of the hot chocolate.
Next move
Emil Wedel returns home with a Ph.D. in Food Chemistry and helps with family buisness
In 1876, his father gave him the company as a wedding gift
The factory settles at Szpitalna Street
"the Willy Wonka" of pre-war Poland
Jan Wedel - the last member of the Wedel family to own the company
during the time of the Great Depression, he is opennig a second factory in Praga
Hence prior to World War II, Wedel becomes a successful private company, with shops in London and Paris.
22 July
In 1991 it was bought by PepsiCo Foods and Beverages, at which time sales were about $50–$60 million.
In 1999, Cadbury bought E.Wedel and the factory in Praga, from PepsiCo for US$76.5 million.
In June 2010 to satisfy EU Commission demand Wedel is sold to Lotte of South Korea .
These days
As the years passed, more products were introduced.
Popular products
Ptasie Mleczko - chocolate covered marshmallow
Mieszanka Wedlowska - assorted chocolate covered candy
Torcik Wedlowski - a large, circular, chocolate covered wafer with hand-made decorations
After the war, Wedel rebuilt the factory, only to have the communist government nationalize the company. The Wedel plant itself was renamed '22 Lipca' after the Communist 'Independence Day'
The company was reprivatized in 1989 after the fall of communism in Poland.
As one of the first in Europe, Wedel's chocolate factory had its own creche, kindergarten, hospital and cafeteria, and rewarded its best employees with no-interest housing loans;
The Ownership Change
The original E. Wedel shop at 8 Szpitalna Street where the cup of delicious hot chocolate is waiting for you to come..
Wedel's home at Puławska Street
Emil Wedel's house
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