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Black Water

No description

Madeleine Student

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Black Water

Black Water

"Oil and Gas Regulations Fail to Protect Communities' Water"
EcoWatch.com 11/12/13
The Report: "Watered Down"
Fracking uses massive volumes of water
Fracking produces massive amounts of waste
There are no federal laws, and very few state laws, against fracking
Many states discourage regulation at a local level

"Watered Down"
Set up clear and enforceable standards for well site construction, waste stream testing, and waste disposal
Provide funding for testing
Do not set up more wells than can be properly overseen
Set up hotlines so residents can report problems at oil and gas sites
Or, we can just stop fracking all together
"Watered Down" Evidence
Oil well blowouts
Oil spills
Pipeline breaks
Increased levels of radioactive waste in water and soil
What is Fracking?
Mining into the earth to get oil and gas
Horrible for the earth and workers
Dangerous, wasteful, and polluting

Who Can Help
Congress: national laws
Governors: states laws
Local governments: city/county laws
Citizens can voice their opinion to lawmakers
Where is Fracking Happening?
North Dakota
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