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Bond Issue Presentation

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Lisa Maslach

on 24 January 2017

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Transcript of Bond Issue Presentation

Bond Issue Presentation
Lisa Maslach
January 23, 2017
Carl Sanders

The Past
The State of Nevada has neglected to take a proactive role in school construction.
In 1955 the Peabody Report evaluated the financial health of the Nevada school system
In 1979 the report was updated
Findings: "State aid is not available for constructing new buildings or repairing existing ones" (Nevada Sage Commission, 2017).
The Present
In 2015, Nevada Legislature brought forth Senate Bill 119 and Senate Bill 207. The intention of the bills was to extend for 10 years expired rollover bonds for school renovation and construction. However, not all counties and school districts have bonding authority as demonstrated in Figure 1.
The Future
The future of Senate Bills 119 and 207 are uncertain. According to Nevada Sage Commission (2017) voter approval must be attained before rollover of the bonds can occur. Senate Bill 411 sought to attain voter approval in the November 2016 general election. However, the bill was missing from the election polls. As of this writing, the author was unable to make any determination as to why SB 411 did not go to voter approval.
The State of Nevada has experienced tremendous growth over the last two decades, leaving school districts across the state unprepared for the future.
Because Nevada is only one of two states that does not provide for school building construction or maintenance, in 2015 the Nevada Legislature established the Spending and Government Efficiency (SAGE) Commission through Assembly Bill 421 "to assess best practices in education" (Nevada School Facilities Construction and Maintenance).

Hidden in the verbiage of Senate Bill 119 was a statement that would exempt University and school construction projects from paying workers prevailing wages as established by the state's labor commission.
School Facilities

Figure 1
With the intense push for industrial development in the state of Nevada, it is quite likely that there will be continued growth in student population. With this growth the need for renovating schools and building new schools must be addressed. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for education in Nevada considering Governor Sandoval's support of education and advocacy for higher education for all.
Nevada Sage Commission. (2017). Guinn Center For Policy Priorities. Retrieved from https://guinncenter.org/publications/policy-reports/#GrowingNevada
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