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Comparative Feminism

No description

Carolyn Weber

on 8 May 2010

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Transcript of Comparative Feminism

Women’s Studies & Comparative Librarianship:
The Development and Status of Global Feminism Feminism Global Feminism Comparative Global Feminsim? Examples of Comparative Feminism... Concerned with
politics Second Wave of Feminism 1970's "Feminism is both an intellectural commitment and a political movement that seeks justice for women and the end of sexism in all forms" Haslanger, 2009 Concerns

Afghan girl rights
International Women's Day
Repeal of the Global Gag Rule
Child Marriages
Economic Issues
Reproducive Issues Feminism applied Globally The goal "to reach out and join global stuggles to end sexism, sexist exploitation and opposition" bell hooks UNIFEM Works on the premise that it is the fundamental right of every woman to live a life free from discrimation and violence, and that gender equality is essential to achieving develpment and to building just societies 1985 3rd United National World Conference focused on women globally UNIFEM provides and ecnourages research that produces comparative studies on the status of women worldwide Darcy de Oliveria Feminsim must on a global scale & view theories and models of sexism in different contexts, societies and cultures; in order to transform feminine Valentine Moghadam Researches the labor movements of women between countries in context of rethinking of economic, sociological and political categories and a reconsideration the organizational form of contempory collection action Lynne Haney Uses comparative methods to analyze neoliberalism's postive traits related to feminsim in the United States and Western Europe Janne Tiernari Analyzed representations of gender and management are affected in Sweden and Finland by contempory market discourse Christopher Uggen &
Chika Shinohara Comparative study of sexual harassment in UK and Japan and how conciousness of the new legal category diffuses across both nations Elizabeth Crighton Compartive study in the differences of women representatives in Parliament on a global scale Methodology Depends on discipline of the researcher or study due to the interdisciplinary nature of feminist studies Comparative Librarianship Few comparative studies focused on feminism within library & information science More Exploration? Feminist Librarianship? Christina D. Baum 1992: Feminist Thought in American Librarianship Very little written in the last twenty years Organization of Information Hope Olson researches classification theory, classification & culture in a feminist, poststructualist, postcoloninal perspectives Collection Management Study cross-countries on library collection holdings regarding sexuality to determine access women have in libraries Ethics and Intellectual Freedom Looking at what information women can access in libraries and in public places compare what knowledge women can attain and use in their daily lives in different nations Budget Cuts...and Women? Has the feminism of the field affected how nationals and state leaders view libraries as a vital service in their communties then as a lesser need then say police work, which is a very masculine field? Conclusion Comparative feminism can be further developed and comparative librarianship by applying feminism may provide new answers, insights and observations globally. Wage Discrimation Sex Discrimation Career Development Homosexuality Intellectual Freedom & Access Gender Gap Sexual Politics
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