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Toys and games children played with during WW1

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Nicole Harrison

on 3 July 2014

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Transcript of Toys and games children played with during WW1

Toy Soldiers
Children were encouraged to play with toy soldiers because of the war. For example if you were in England, you would get a British toy soldier and whatever soldiers were attacking England. Then you would fight with the two and make your country win! This helped the youths cheer on their country.
Stuffed Teddies
Children also played with stuffed teddies. Especially the girls. The offsprings would make tea parties, homes (out of blocks) and exc.
Out Doors
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s were on the streets and childr


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games. streets, Roads and
of their parent's front gardens were used as playgrounds. They did play games such as hide and seek, tag, and races against each other. Nowadays we have all these electrical gadgets and most of us wouldn't really choose to play on the road and streets.
Blow Football
Blow Football was literally football but you had to blow the football instead. This gave some people headaches or made them a bit drowsy. This game was ideal and played the most when it was raining outside, clouds everywhere or the evening. The game could come in different boxes.

this is one kind:
The War Changed Most Toys
Toys and games children played with during WW1

Children had an option to play with marbles. They are exactly the same as today; nothing has changed. One of the ways they had of playing it (which we still can play) was that you could roll the marble and see who roles it the furthest.
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