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Cat Way

on 5 May 2016

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Transcript of 1940

Oświęcim, a German-occupied town in Poland, was renamed Auschwitz.
The original concentration camp. Auschwitz 1, was made here.
The first "residents" of the camp were German criminals
The first prisoners was a group of Catholics, suspected members of various resistances and Jews.
Construction Begins at Auschwitz
Germany pressed through the Marigot Line
Nazi troops entered Paris on June 14th.
The attack on Paris lasted about a week, ending with a German victory.
Hitler Invades France
On April 9th, at the same time Germany invaded Norway, Denmark was invaded.
King Christian X convinced his troops that they could not fight the Nazi soldiers
Denmark surrendered almost immediately.
Hitler Invades Denmark
Germany invades Norwegian ports on April 9th.
Norway refuses to surrender, so Germany lead another invasion into Norway.
British troops and Norwegian troops fought to defend Norway.
British troops were pulled out of the country due to a German invasion in France.
and Norway was conquered.
Hitler Invades Norway
The Starting of World War 2
The Bombing of Britain
After invading France, Germany attempted to conquer Britain.
France backed out of the war, leaving Britain to fight alone.
The German Airforce, Luftwaffe. attacks British pilot RAF fighters (the first all-air battle in history).
In October, the air battles end with a RAF victory.
Hitler calls of invasion plan.
Luftwaffe bombs British cities.
The Tripartite Pact
Spetember 27th, Germany, Italy, and Japan sign a pact of allegiance.
Pact was targeted at America in an attempt to discourage America from joining the war.
Pact also guaranteed Japan to rule over East Asia and a New Europe would be formed under Italy and Germany.
In November, Hungary was encouraged by Germany to sign, and then joined the pact.
The Presidential Election of 1940
The Democratic candidate was Franklin D. Roosevelt.
The Republican candidate was Wendell Willkie.
Willkie criticized Roosevelt.
Franklin Roosevelt won the election with 54.7% of the popular vote and 84.6% of the electoral vote.
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