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A new perspective

Using one large image

Matt Glasz

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of A new perspective

Now think The Trinity Experience Think about the impact that Trinity has had on you... Your support of Trinity makes it happen! Make a gift of $25 or more and you can recieve a Trinity umbrella as
a thank you! Protect your investment in Trinity... Make $5 Million Happen It's bigger than you think.
Photo credits: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr CHALLENGE ALMA MATER EDUCATION MEMORIES LEARN EXCELLENCE PASSION EXPLORATION THE LONG WALK Take a closer look at what it means to you. Now think about the impact that you can have on Trinity. Friendships Tradition Gifts from alumni help to: BIG! How big? $5,000,000 How about (Yeah, that big.) If 55% of Trinity alumni make a gift before June 30, 2010 an anonymous donor will donate $5 million to financial aid endowment.

Gifts of any amount, to any designation count toward the 55% particiapation goal. How can your gift mean $5 million for Trinity? www.trincoll.edu/givingtotrinity Visit Support financial aid.
Retain faculty of distinction
Provide resources in the library, classrooms & athletic fields. to help support...
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