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Corequisite Learning Support – Lessons from the field

USG LEARNING SUPPORT ACADEMY - Atlanta Metropolitan State College Conference Center

German Vargas

on 3 November 2017

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Transcript of Corequisite Learning Support – Lessons from the field

Corequisite Learning Support
Lessons from the field

Atlanta, GA
October 4, 2017

Presented by
German Vargas
Assistant Vice President for
Academic Student Engagement

Use the time in the corequisite support wisely
Be open and ready to solve additional administrative challenges
Lessons from the Field
Do not teach material that is not completely linked to the content that is being presented in the gateway course.
The support that the students need goes beyond content (e.g. study skills, discipline, and persistence).
Use daily assignments or graded activities as a way to promote engagement (enforce attendance).
Faculty Workload
Be ready to reevaluate placement thresholds
Financial Aid
Faculty credentials
Scheduling and space utilization
Enrolling students in gateway and support courses
Reevaluate Gateway course composition and class sizes:
College ready students + Corequisite Support students
Reevaluate the number of credits for the corequisite support course.
Reevaluate your onboarding and professional development for faculty engaging in corequisite remediation for the first time
Reevaluate placement thresholds
Next Steps
Evaluate success rates beyond the gateway courses
Not enough institutional data (at CCGA) to do longer cohort studies
Success in other STEM or Business courses (for the Algebra Pathway)
Success in subsequent Math courses
Continue to improve the appropriate placement of students in the different Math Pathways
Continue to explore creative ways to take advantage of the success of corequisite support, while ensuring this success is reflected beyond gateway courses.
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