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Better Off Friends

No description

Elena Volding

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Better Off Friends

Better Off Friends
Levi Rodgers was in seventh grade when he moved from Las Angeles, California, to his new life in Wisconsin. Macallan, another seventh grader at his new school whose mother has just recently passed away, is selected to show him around. Neither expected that the other would soon be their best friend. At first, they don't really get on well, but at lunch, when they start to bond over a mutual obession over their favorite show, they become instant pals. Before they know it, they are close as can be, always hanging out after school and during lunch, eating dinner at each others houses, and those sort of things.
Throughout their eighth grade year, their friendship continues to blossom. Macallan's other best friend for years, Emily, even starts going out with Levi. But when things go wrong with them, guess who Macallan chooses? Levi, of course.
Questions to Consider
What was the theme of this book?

The theme of this book was definately friendship. The whole story is basically about their struggles in their friendship and how they overcame them.
I really loved this book. It is definitely one of my new favorites, and i really, REALLY hope if you decide to read it, that you enjoy it as much as I did.
I would recommend this to girls
in seventh grade and up
for a tiny bit of language, but thats
really all, especially if they
like books about friendship, cheesy
romantic stuff, interesting plots
and ideas, or enjoy this author.
Can boys and girls be just friends?

This question has been pondered over for ages, and
it happens to be the main idea that this book,
Better Off Friends by Elizabeth Eulberg, revolves around.
Some people believe that guys and girls can be just friends,
even best friends, without more going on between them.
Others just don't think its possible, especially when they
are as close as Levi and Macallan, the two main characters
in the story.
In high school, however, things
get complicated. Levi and Macallan's
friendship grows rocky, despite
their efforts to keep it strong. and
things only get worse when the
two start to develop feelings for each-
other, because they always realize how
badly they want eachother at the worst
possible times. With all the craziness
in their relationship, can Macallan
and Levi keep their friendship alive?
Do they want something
more? And are they truly,
Better Off Friends?
What was unique about this book?

In between the chapters, there was a
section that showed the conversation of
Levi and Macallan (post-story) talking
tiny bit about what happened in the chapter,
which was actually pretty funny. Also, it
spanned from seventh grade to, at least,
sophomore year, without being boring or
by Elizabeth Eulberg
I rate this book 5 swingsets, which is
reference you will get if you read it
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