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No description

Ana Kanareva-Dimitrovska

on 30 April 2016

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Transcript of Plurilingual_education_1

What can you get from
ECML Contact Point


Join the ECML language education workshops in Graz, Denmark
or other countries

Plurilingual education – a key area
at the European Centre for Modern Languages

Susanna Slivensky (ECML) &
Ana Kanareva-Dimitrovska (Contact Point for the
ECML in Denmark)
April 25, 2016

ECML, Graz
Video welcome message from
Susanna Slivensky


European Centre for Modern Languages

Contact Point Denmark

Centre Européen pour les Langues Vivantes

Point de contact Danemark
networks and partnerships
and national

Training and Consultancy

Invite ECML experts
in your own workshops and conferences
in Denmark for free

The first Training and Consultancy
workshop in Denmark

How to define learning objectives in plurilingual education?
The FREPA descriptors as a tool in early foreign language education
UCC, April 26, 2016

Stay informed

about all activities and events in
Contact Point Denmark
and the ECML in Graz :
Newsletter, Support Group,
Facebook, LinkedIn,
our website
European Language Gazette

Annual language conference

Take the pulse of the new developments in research and practice in the field of language education! Useful knowledge to take home!

The European Day of Languages
Use the European Day of Languages on 26th September
in your teaching. You can come and get free advice, teaching materials and inspiration

Get involved

and take part


Get inspiration
from practical tools
and resources from
previous projects
(Project database)

Get a visit from
ECML Contact Point Denmark
We hold national information and dissemination events!
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