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Ancient Rome

a short prezentation about rome

Sabrina Cropper

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome
Geography In rome there is the Tiber River The peninsula also has several
large plains,especially in the north.
This gave it more arable land than
greece. Rome is located near the
Italian Peninsula. Founding of Rome A high mountain range called
the Alps seperates the peninsula
from the rest of Europe. Around 1000 B.C .,a people
called the Latins settled in
Latium.Eventually,they founded
a village on Palatine Hill,one of
the seven hills on the east bank
on the Tiber River,about 15 miles
from the sea. Another story is that a guy
named aeneas founded the
city after he escaped from troy
with the sword of troy during
a war. Another story is that Aeneas
great great grandsons(Romulus and remus)found it Poor Get More Power Plebeian~Had little Power
or influence in government
Twelve Tables~Plebeians
demanded a written law
code so the republic
issuded the twelve tables Tribunes~They reflected
three types of rule:Monarchy,
Oligarchy,and Democracy Patrician~The Patricians
ran the government
through the senate Roman Republic The Roman Republic is like a
burrito because theres the
the Consuls,Senators,
Tribunes,And the Assembly
and they are all different layers
to the Roman Republic The Consuls (Also known
as magistrates)Are like a Monarchy The Tribunes and the
assembly are like a
Democracy The Senators are like an
Oligarchy. The Roman Republic
was tripartite(Which
means Three part)
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