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language book project

No description

kendahl savoy

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of language book project

made by Kendahl Savoy Amazing Grace
by, Megan Shull Amazing Grace is a book about a pro tennis player who is still a teenager. Grace decides that she does not want to play tennis anymore and doesn't want to be in the spotlight. The only way Grace can get away from the media is to change her self completely. her people dye her hair change her look and send her to Alaska. there she lives with her "aunt." She also has to change her name She changes it to Emily When Grace is there she meets a boy named Teague. For a while Grace/Emily likes Teauge but is stuck in the friend zone with him. Grace/Emily becomes best friends with his cousin Fisher. While Grace/Emily is in Alaska she has to do everything differently then what she is used to. She has to take freezing cold showers, wear jeans and big warm sweaters, boots, hat and mittens. The only transportation her and her "aunt" Ava have is an old truck and a snowmobile. But only Ava came drive the truck. So Grace/Emily is stuck with the snowmobile. Grace soon decodes that she wants go go back home and continue to play tennis. Grace/Emily soon finds out that this life isn't what she wants right now. Read Amazing Grace to see id Grace/Emily will go back home or stay with the boy she likes her best friend and her "Aunt" Ava.
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