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The Great Seattle Fire-Nick

No description

Chris Santos

on 9 June 2016

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Transcript of The Great Seattle Fire-Nick

By: Nick Fay
The Great Seattle Fire
By:Nick Fay
The Great Seattle Fire
The Fire affected the city by changing the politics, economy, and the way the city was built.
Happened at cabinet makers shop
John Back over boiled a pot of glue
The glue boiled over setting the entire building on fire
The fire spread to the Dietz & Mayer Liquor Store, which exploded
Most building had explosives in them
How it happened
The low tide caused the hydrants to be empty
The mayor tried blowing up buildings
The city placed wet towels on the roves of buildings to stop the fire
The tide finally killed the fire
Political Effects
People blamed James McGough, his paint shop was above John Back's shop
Mayor Moran declared an 8:00 p.m. curfew that night and ordered all remaining saloons closed until further notice.
To combat looting, two hundred special deputies were sworn in and the town placed under martial law for two weeks.
Tacoma helped Seattle recover
The city changed its water supply to the cedar river
The city took control of the water supply, increasing the number of fire hydrants and adding larger pipes
They added a fire alarm telegraph which would reach five stations at once
Fire hydrants were added to every street
Economic Effects
Thousands of people were homeless, and 5,000 men were without jobs.
Most businesses didn't to rebuild where they had been
Total losses were estimated at nearly $20,000,000 ($527 million in today's dollars)
The fire helped Seattle to become the gateway to the Klondike
The entire business district, four of the city's wharves, and its railroad terminals burned
In the year following the fire Seattle's population actually grew by nearly 20,000 to 40,000.
The women got together and formed a beatification program
The city declared building two stories or taller the walls be 12 inches thick, and the foundations to be 4 inches thick
Trinity Church burned
The fire burned the opera house
No one died in the fire but they say 1,000,000 rats and 1 horse died
Other Information
Putting the Fire Out
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