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Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

No description

Kristina Tepic

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

By Rainbow Rowell
Prezi by Kristina
The book mostly take place in the University of Nebraska. The setting doesn't change much and does not have a great impact on the book.
Cath is very like-able and she is a character that anyone can relate to. She is very shy and timid at times, but as the book progresses her character grows. She becomes more herself, which is funny, witty, and intellectual.
Cath and Wren are twin sisters.
Cath likes to write, especially fan-fiction.
Both are distanced from their mother.
Cath is very caring for her father.
Wren is almost the exact opposite of Cath.
Throughout the book, Wren distances herself from her family. This causes a few problems.
Both are distanced from their mother, but Wren tries to be friendly and contact their mother.
Wren is very outgoing and adventurous. She likes to be constantly trying new things whereas Cath prefers to stick to the same routine.
Important Event #1
Book Review
I really liked reading Fangirl. I found the characters relatable and interesting. However, I think it would be better if it had more conflicts to make it more exciting. I would recommend the book to people who like Rainbow Rowell's Eleanor and Park, anyone would enjoy the book though.
Important event #2
An important event that happened was when Cath's writing got copied and stolen. Nick worked on a story with Cath and got offered to publish it. This is important because Cath starts to take pride in her work and this motivates her to write her own story.
The first important even that happened in the story was when Cath got blamed for plagiarism. Cath wrote fan-fiction and turned it in as an assignment, her teacher told her it was stealing because she was using someone elses characters. From this, Cath develops writers block and is unable to do other writing for that class.
Important Information
Cath writes fan-fiction in her free time. This is a hobby that she and her sister did when they were younger. The fan-fiction is based on two character from a story that the author has created within the story. This is causes many events in the book.
Although many would put down love as the theme, I think the theme of the story is more focused on the importance of family. Cath cared for her family, but one person can't be doing all the work. Everyone has to be trying in order to keep things together. Cath's family learns this as they go through many difficulties all throughout the book.
Character vs. Society
At the beginning of the story, Cath comes off as shy and timid. She has to take a brave step and go out her comfort zone. She has to leave her father and sister, and her fan-fiction world. Cath struggles with this throughout the book.
Eventually, Cath is able to open herself up to the world. With the help of Levi, Reagan, and Nick, they encourage and help Cath be herself. By the end of the book, Cath no longer hides behind others. She speaks and stands up for herself, something she couldn't do in the beginning.
The Importance of Family
The end :)
Minor characters
Levi becomes Cath's boyfriend about halfway through the book. He helps Cath open up and be herself to others. He is mostly a minor character, but at times can be considered as more of a major character.
Reagan is Cath's roommate. She is very different from Cath, but they still become friends. They find common struggles and help each other through the book.
Nick and Cath are friends for most of the book. They work on writing assignments together and share the same fiction-writing class. Later on in the book, Nick stirs up trouble and conflicts between he and Cath.
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