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Copy of Youth Needs in the City - Local Board presentation by Waitematā Youth Collective

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Alex Johnston

on 3 August 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Youth Needs in the City - Local Board presentation by Waitematā Youth Collective

Youth Needs in the City
Inner City Network Meeting - July 28 2016
Our Survey
Youth Needs in the City - Waitematā Youth Collective
Main Activity in the City
Where might you go in the city if you found yourself in an unexpected or distressful situation?
A: Busy place / other people

B: Quiet place to retreat

C: Unsure / There is no place

D: Seek police / security help
What are your favourite places to spend time in the city?
Age Groups of those surveyed
What does the city need for it to be a great place for you?
Stats NZ - 2013 Census

23% Waitematā Local Board Area aged 15-24
35% CBD area (including Grafton and Newton) aged 15-24

Issues for young people living in the city:
rent and housing costs
overcrowding and homelessness
neutral spaces - 'living rooms'
fragmented social networks and integration - transitory living
Possible solutions:
urban lounges - e.g in Ellen Melville Center, University of Auckland, the Cloud, St Kevin's
pocket parks and mini basketball/football courts
apartment buildings with shared courtyards
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