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Zak Kahn and Andres Procel

No description

lib hist

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of Zak Kahn and Andres Procel

Michael Murphy:
He gave his life for his country while pursuing a high-level anti-coalition military leader
Michael Murphy:
He ignored his own wounds, and demonstrating amazing composer continued to to lead and encourage his men.

Michael Murphy:
He fought his way into open terrain to get a better position to call to request support, he was exposed to enemy fire, which lead to him becoming wounded

Micheal Murphy:
He lead his men in engaging the much bigger enemy force without hesitation.
Jon R. Cavaiani:
He went beyond the call of duty to save his entire squad and lead 3 helicopters to the evac. area so their camp could escape.
Jon R. Cavaiani:
He risked his life multiple times in the same day of the attack just to keep his platoon safe.

Jon R. Cavaiani:
He served in the U.S. army and recieved the highest honor you can in the army by protecting others who were also serving our country.
Jon R. Cavaiani:
He fought off 2 ranks of enemy soldiers by himself so the helicopters could get the camp to safety
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