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Alice Munro

No description

Sherrin Sulevani

on 24 June 2011

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Transcript of Alice Munro

Alice Munro Alice Munro Bio ... Born July 10 1931
Wingham, Ontario, Canada
She grew up on a farm with her parents,brother & sister.
Before taking up farming, Munro's father, Robert Eric Laidlaw,
had raised foxes and minks and worked as a watch-man.
Anne Clarke Laidlaw, Munro's mother, had been a teacher.
She suffered from Parkinson's disease and died in 1959. but when she was 12, she decided to become a writer. Munro was expected to continue the farming business At the age of eighteen, Munro won a
scholarship to the University of Western Ontario where she studied from 1949-1951, but left before graduating. In 1951 she married a fellow student,
James Munro, and moved to
Vancouver, British Columbia. Later she became mother to four daughters, Sheila, Catherine, Jenny and Andrea. In the early 1960s, the family moved to Victoria, where Munro founded with her husband a successful bookstore. Alice Munro began writing again and published her first collection
of stories, Dance of the Happy Shades in 1968. She won the
Governor General’s Award & was quickly recognized as an esteemed &
talented author. Lives of Girls & Women followed & was also received
with appraise from readers and critics. Alice and her husband divorced in 1972 and she moved back to Ontario to a Writer in Residence position at the University of Western Ontario. She married Gerald Fremlin four years later
& they moved to a farm in Clinton, Ontario
where Munro continued her writing.
She wrote Who Do You Think Your Are? in 1978,
which earned her another Governor General’s Award. During the next twenty years Munro continued her successful career with... From the beginning, Munro has been true to her own literary style and voice. Generally her stories are set in small towns in southern Ontario and British Columbia. Alice Munro not only a natural storyteller, but an incredible writer as well Alice Munro is the author of twelve books (as of Nov. 2004),
and is largely known and celebrated for her short stories
exploring the inner lives of female protagonists.

In 1998, Munro won Canada's Giller Prize for
The Love of a Good Woman, and she won the
2004 Giller Prize for Runaway. Both are short story collections She has also been awarded the National Book Critics Circle Award and the PEN/Malamud Award for Excellence in Short Fiction; the W.H. Smith Award, three Governor General's Awards, and the Trillium Book Award, among others. She travelled through Australia, China and Scandinavia. She simultaneously held down the position of Writer in Residence at both the University of British Columbia, in Canada, and the University of Queensland, in Australia in 1980.
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