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Commuter Family Session - NSO 2015

Info for Parents and Families of Wentworth Commuter Students

Mallory Pernaa

on 22 June 2015

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Transcript of Commuter Family Session - NSO 2015

Commuter Parking Permits
Purchase in late August
On LConnect or in the Student Service Center.
Annex, Sweeney, Parker & Ira Allen lots
Discount semester t-passes
Available for purchase on July6th!
Valid Sept. 1-Dec. 31
Order forms and pricing available at www.wit.edu/student-life/commuters.
Just a few of the Resources on Campus
The Learning Center
- tutors, study groups, writing assistance.
Wellness & Disability Services-
nutrition, counseling, health services, educational programs, learning/physical disabilities
- research assistance.
Connected to staff and students from Orientation, Wentworth Opening Week & First Year Seminar.
Diversity Programs, Campus Life, Dean of Students, Student Service Center, etc.

Public Safety
Open 24/7 and serve as campus police.
Escorts available for walking to car and nearby t-stops.
Reached directly by going to their office, calling
, or by pressing a blue light on campus.
RAVE text message alerts - sign up on LConnect.
Additional safety tips for city travel

Commuter Programs
Specific programs put on during the day to build community among commuters on campus.
Coffee Breaks
Faculty/Student Lunches
Educational workshops
Appreciation Breakfasts
Weekly Activities
Challenges & Family Support
Time management
Responsibilities at home
Where and when to do work
Time spent commuting
Encouraging involvement
Showing interest and support
Understanding resources available and how to access those resources

Meals on Campus
Cafeterias (MassArt & Beatty) and convenience store ("C-Store")
Fenway Cash option www.fenwaycard.com.
Bringing meals/snacks to campus
Mini fridge and microwave access
Off-campus eateries nearby
Commuter Family Session

Mallory Pernaa
Commuter Student Programs
013 Beatty

Free locker on campus
Includes combo lock
Available at Info Hub w/ WIT ID August 31st (1st day of class)
Beatty, Annex, Watson, and Rubenstein Halls
Join clubs, start a club
Get involved in your major/professional organization
Do community service
Create new campus programs
Find a work-study job (www.wit.edu/ssc)
Attend Wentworth Student Government
Apply to be a student leader! RA, Orientation Team, Career Peer, etc!
Wentworth Leadership Institute
Accelerate entrepreneurship program

Involvement Opportunities
Wentworth Class of 2019 Facebook
*Twitter & Instagram
*Campus Emails
*Commuter Blog
*Postings around campus:
posters, table tents, Stall Street Journal bathroom flyers.
*New Wentworth App is launching too!

Stay Informed
Commuter Assistants

Plan social & educational programs..
Hold office hours to answer questions and provide helpful resources.
Create community on campus
Introduce involvement opportunities to commuter students.
MBTA T-Pass Deadline
Monday, August 10th

Wentworth Opening Week (WOW)
August 27th-30th (Thurs-Sun)
Check-in time is emailed to you (Thurs,8/27)

First Day of Class & Locker Distribution
Monday, August 31st

Important Dates
Who are Wentworth Commuters?
30% of WIT students commute.
Majority commute 45-60 minutes each way.
Most have a job on or off campus.
Commuter Student Programs
Discount MBTA passes
Free lockers on campus
Programs during the day
Commuter Assistants
Provide additional study spaces
1:1 meetings and drop-in office hours
Advocate for commuter students
Assist with off-campus living

Commuter Website

Mallory Pernaa
Coordinator of Commuter Study Programs
013 Beatty Hall

Please feel free to contact me.
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