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I'm Sorry

No description

Juliana Panuzzo

on 23 December 2013

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Transcript of I'm Sorry

I'm Sorry
The Way You Dress
Josette, when you say you're average, you are only average because when you dress in your sweatshirt, yoga pants, hair in the messiest bun you have ever seen, and holes in your shoes, that makes you average. But when you don't hide your natural beauty behind all of that, you are the most gorgeous person in the world. Any other girl would wear that and they look ugly, but all that does to you is make you look a little less beautiful. I'm telling you this because when I say "you look like crap today", you do not ever look like crap because that is not possible for you... you smile at me but, honestly, I really don't think you're smiling on the inside. Now that I finally know I hurt you, I will gladly stop saying that phrase to you ever again.
Water Polo
When you play water polo, I truly am the worst friend of all the friends out there. I'm sorry I don't support you like a friend should and I'm sorry for calling your sport boring. At first it was because I had no clue what was going on but now I do see that it is actually a fun sport. And you may not think so but I, as always, think you're the best player out there. The only time a ball goes past you is when you're too busy being silly you and laughing so hard in the water that you start choking on it... or is that your own spit?? :)
You know I know that you have the most beautiful voice in the world and I say that often. Everyone knows it, even people who have never met you, I tell everyone I know. But I very dumbly said that the Cool Yule Winter Concert would be boring. I was only messing with you, it's always a pleasure to hear you sing. As you should know, I ask you to "sing to me" so often. I apologize for my stupidity but it is always a joy to hear you sing and I love and support for you to sing your heart out on stage.
Anything Else?
I would really appreciate if you tell me when I am hurting your feelings. I know I can sound like a total bitch a lot and you need to tell me when I do because I will stop and try to fix that. I could not have known if I was not told that it hurts you and I never would want to hurt you because you and Emily are my two best friends and the most important people to me, please, just tell me if you don't like what I say.
I'll try and be a better friend now...
I'm Sorry
A little birdy told me that when I mess around with you and insult you, it hurts you.
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