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How the space industry benefitss

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Nswana Mweene

on 27 May 2016

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Transcript of How the space industry benefitss

Light Emitting Diodes (LED)
Made by Nasa red LED were used to grow plants in space. Later this technology was developed for medical devices for muscle pain/ relaxation, joint pain, arthritis, muscle spasms.
Left Ventricular Assist Device
Engineers at the Johnson space center it keeps people healthy as they wait for transplants. They developed it off of the space shuttles fuel pumps
Who: Theodore Benzinger created it

What: Ear thermometers measure temperature through the ear

When: It was invented in 1964

Where: Naval Medical Research Institute in Bestheda

Why: The ear thermometer was made to find better temperature closer to the temperature centre in the brain
Ear thermometers came from a camera like lens that detected infrared energy used to monitor the birth of stars
How the space industry benefits us in medical equipment

Thank you for watching our presentation
Ear thermometers
by: Nswana, Heitan, and Malakai
The ear thermometer is used to get temperature closer to the brains temperature center
Other things
Foam used to insulate space is now used for better artificial arms and legs.
NASA didnt invent the MRI but NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory developed digital image processing to enhance picture on the moon that helpet to create MRI's and CT scans or CAT scans
Who: Raymond Vahan Damadian
What: uses waves to produce images of body structures
where: not sure
July, 3 1977
Why: to perform a full body scan
who thought of the idea to connect space to hospitals
U know WHO? Yeah, well they were the people who had decided to make NASA start helping with the things we use in hospitals. and because of that we had gotten so much stuff, and for our basic lives!
Our presentation
today we are going to be talking about space, specifically how it helps hospitals. We hope you enjoy! The space research of what we are doing will be helping the people in NASA and hospitals across the world.
What does this do?
having space research really helps us by gaining more info in space itself so that they can develop space medicines but i know what your thinking, "how does this help us in particular"!
how it helps us in Earth.
not only does space research provide themselves with medicine so they can continue on their journeys to all the planets in order to get us that memory foam and ll that cool jazz from previous presentations and stuff you know space supports, but it also actually gives stuff people use in the hospitals like laser angioplasty, human tissue stimulator, a cool suit, ocular screening, and etc.Theres even this thing that can clean your arteries using what people call a "cool" laser, instead of having a person sticking a balloon in you're arteries to clean them, thank the people that made this in January 1992! Mostly because I don't like balloons in my system, and...
When was scientific stuff made to help hospitals
space has first aided hospitals around the year 2000, that isn't that far back, we should be glad that technology is being discovered so well these times.
Why do we do this?
scientists and people from NASA do this so that when we live our lives, we can enjoy it, because life only lasts around 100 years per person, which means there could be many things you want to do before you pass on and live life easily. Which is why we should be very thankful to these men because space is also very dangerous and im pretty sure many have died in the past from this.
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