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No description

Maddy Flaherty

on 9 January 2016

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Transcript of SHOT LIST

Shot 1:

sHOT 3:

Shot 4:

Shot 5:

Shot 6:

Shot 7:

Shot 8:

Shot 9:

Shot 10:
Shot 11:

Shot 12:
Ident (Fade to next shot.)
Establishing Shot - Overview of the crowd and buildings. (Text - Produced/Directected By Ronan Johnson.)
Close Up Shot - People walking by. (Text - Honesty Bradshaw.)
Close Up Shot - The Antagonist's pocket as the phone goes off.(Text - Maddy Flaherty.)
Medium Shot - Antagonist (Only torso showing) reaching into coat pocket to retrieve phone.
Medium Shot - Antagonist (Only torso showing) holding phone. (Text - "Don't Mess Up -M".
Point Of View - Antagonist holding a photo of Victim.
Med/Close Up Shot - Victim bumping into Antagonist and then running out of frame.
Close Up Shot - Half of Antagonist's in right side of frame. Background out of focus.
Medium Shot - Victim running through bushes.
Shot 13:
Shot 14:

Shot 15:

Shot 16:

Shot 17:

Shot 18:

Shot 19:

Shot 20:

Shot 21:

Shot 22:

Shot 23:
Close Up Shot - Victim running in/out of frame.
Medium Shot - Victim hunched over tree, catching their breath.
Close Up Shot - Antagonist holding the gun in the centre of the frame.
Medium Shot- Victim running out of frame as a bark comes off tree next in the centre of frame.
Close Up Shot- Victim ducking in shock as a bullet impacts the tree they are leaning on.
Tracking Shot - Victim trying to run through the mass of trees and wilderness.
Low Angled Shot - Victim jumping over obstacle such as a fance, fallen tree etc.
Shot 24:

Shot 25:

Shot 26:

Shot 27:
Shot 28:

Shot 29:
Shot 30:

Shot 31:
Shot 32:

Shot 33:

Shot 34:
Shot 35:
Shot 36:

Shot 37:
Close Up Shot - Victim going to peer around the right side of the tree. Left side of tree is out of frame.
Long Shot - Victim peering around from behind the tree. Other side of tree is out of frame.
Close Up Shot - Antagonist puts gun to victims head. (Move to not shot not cut.)
Medium/ Close Up Shot - Victim (close to camera) kicks up branch. Antagonist feet inframe but out of focus.
Medium Shot - Victim (right of frame) hitting the Antagonist with branch. The whole frame is in focus. (Move to next shot not cut.)
Over Shoulder Shot - Antagonist's shoulder. Victim going to hit the Antagonist but Antagonist catches the fist. Background out of focus.
Shot 38:
Shot 39:

Shot 40:
Shot 41:
Shot 42:

Shot 43:

Shot 44:

Shot 45:

Shot 46:

Shot 47:
Shot 48:
Shot 49:

SHOT 50:
Medium Shot - Victim holding on to their head dropping to the floor. Antagonists arm slightly in frame. Background out of focus.
Point Of View - Someone seeing what's happening from behind some bushes.
Close Up Shot - Antagonist being hit by something. Background in focus.
Medium Shot - Antagonist grabbing victim.
Medium Shot - Victim hitting Antagonist/Escaping.

Point Of View - (Antagonist) Blurred vision. Victim running away.
Close Up Shot - Barbed wire on ground. Victim gets caught on it.
Tracking Shot - Antagonist in forest, running.
Close up Shot - Victim released from wire and runs our of frame. Some material from victim is left on wire.
Long Shot - Victim staning in centre of frame, infront of the abandoned farm.
Close Up Shot - Antagonist next to entrance to farm.
Long Shot - Victim running into building.
Close Up Shot - Antagonsit finding the material from the victim on the barbed wire.
Long Shot - Antagonist in middle of frame. Infront of farm, getting gun out.
Over Shoulder Shot - Victim calling someone.
Close Up Shot - Victims face, phone ringing. Antagonist comes in and hits them.
Low Angled Shot - Victim hunched over, spits blood.
Low Angled Shot - Phone at bottom of frame. Both victim and Antagonist looking at it.
High Angled Shot - Victim reaching for the phone, Antagonsit using power to get it first.
Medium Shot - Phone going into the Antagonist's hand.
Close Up Shot - Antagonist's lower face in frame, on the victims phone.
Over Shoulder Shot/Low Angled Shot - (Victim's shoulder) Antagonsit holding gun at victim.
Medium Shot - Victim knocking gun out of Antagonist's hand and onto floor.
Long Shot - Victim running out of building.
Medium Shot - Antagonist gets up and walks towards camera.
Medium Shot - Antagonist walks into frame and holds up gun and shoots.
Point Of View - Victim pulls hand out from under legs, hand has blood all over it. Background out of focus.
Shot 51:
Shot 52:

Shot 53:

Shot 54:

Shot 55:

Shot 56:

Shot 57:

Shot 58:
Shot 59:
Tilted Shot - Victim trying to get up.
Tilted Shot - (camera moves with victim) Antagonist hits victim back down.
Close Up Shot - Antagonist pulling a device out of victims jacket.
Close Up Shot - Victim trying to grab it back but Antagonist hits them down.
Close Up Shot - Antagonist looking away from the victim (gunshot) Antagonsit looks back.
Over Shoulder Shot - Antagonist messaging 'The Boss'.
Camera pulls out of a computer to an Over Shoulder Shot ('the bosses' shoulder. The Boss then walks out of frame.
Medium Shot - Camera focuses on computer.
Shot cuts to black.
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