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Optimal Aging Through Fitness

No description

Alyssa Willis

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Optimal Aging Through Fitness

"Improving one's physical fitness can reduce the risk of death by 44%" (Blair et al 1995)
Having a higher level of physical fitness can promote a better view on self image, esteem, and depression (Kirkealdy et al 2002; Strawbridge et al 2002; Goodwin 2003)
Beating Death??
We Want MORE
(No, not hair...MATTER)
Take a few minutes to read this article!
Prescribing Exercise
-Elderly people who exercise are less likely to be diagnosed with dementia
-recommended 75 min of vigorous physical activity throughout the week
-also 20-30min of moderate intensity almost every day has a positive result of physical function
-Decline in muscle mass 1-2% each year after 50
-more likely to continue exercising in old age if active throughout life
-middle-age adults give up sports and leisure activities because of job/family
Aging, Physical Activity,
and disease prevention 2012
Optimal Aging Through Fitness!
All smiles
Benefits of fitness
Physical fitness can predict both cardiovascular and all-cause mortality
-aerobic capacity, strength, speed, agility, coordination, flexibility
Exercise is the best way to delay and prevent the negative effects of aging while also improving health
Physical Activity: body movement made by muscle action which increases energy expenditure
Exercise: planned, structured, repetitive, purposeful physical activity
Physical Fitness: capacity to perform physical exercise
Having strong muscle tone is another way to prevent dying
-reduce risk of falling
-What other ways could it help?
Anti-Aging Therapy Through Fitness Enhancement
-increase daily physical activity
-do not over train (why?)
-aerobic exercise like walking helps cardiovascular health
-3 to 5 days per week
-dynamic exercise: mimic every day activities and done at controlled speed with normal breathing pattern
-88 healthy low-active older adults
-Disruption of axons and myelin in WM is one of the primary reasons for age-related cognitive decline
-maintaining WM structural connectivity can help preserve brain function and increase ability to live independently throughout old age

-structured exercise and light PA linked to greater WM integrity in temporal regions, which are prone to age-related changes
-Low-active adults showed to have negative impacts on the hippocampus which is responsible for learning and memory processing
-increasing PA = beneficial brain health
PA and Cardio Respiratory Fitness are Beneficial for
White-Matter in Low-Fit
Older Adults
Burzynska, A. Z., Kramer, A. F., Knecht, A., Olson, E. A., Gothe, N. P., Wong, C. N., et al. (2014). Physical Activity and Cardiorespiratory Fitness Are Beneficial for White Matter in Low-Fit Oldedults. PLos ONE, 9(9), e107413.
Castillo-Garzon, M.J., Ruiz, J. R., Ortega, F. B., & Gutierrez (2006). Anti-aging Therapy Through Fitness Enhancement. Clinical Interventions in Aging, 1(3), 213-220.
Reuter, I. (2012). Aging, Physicl Activity, ad DisPrevention 2012. Journal of Aging Research, 2012, 1-4.
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