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lord of th flies

chapter 2

Ronai Rivera

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of lord of th flies

Lord of the Flies Characters symbols questions! Ralph- leader(fair hair, dominant mind, wise), "good guy"
Piggy- Ralph's right hand man (chubby, asthmatic, obsessed with conch).
Jack- leader of choir boys ( dominant traits, thinks highly of himself), "bad guy", desire for power
Roger- Jack's right hand man, very angry
SamnEric- twins, work up fire
Percival- 1st to bring up beastie, dies in 1st forest fire
plot quotes "English are the best at everything."- Jack (pg. 42); this portrays the fact that in the end of the story they do not have it all together and act horribly.
"There aren't any grown-ups. We shall have to look after ourselves."- *Ralph (pg.33); the boys realize that they will have to grow up and take care of themselves.
'How can you expect to be rescued if you don't put first things first and act proper?"- Piggy (pg. 45); This shows Piggy's sense of maturity compared to the others.
"acting like a crowd of kids!"- Piggy (pg.38); The kids have to grow up if they expect to survive.
"This is our island. It's a good island. Until grown-ups come to fetch us we'll have fun."- Ralph (pg.35); In the beginning of the story the boys make a joke out of being stranded, in the end they realize it was not fun at all.
"We'll have rules!..lots of rules!"- Jack (pg. 33); This shows that Jack contradicts himself because later in the story he doesn't want rules just respect. conch- power Piggy's specs- used for fire throughout book; shows how much Piggy was needed in the story and how the Jack gains authority in the end of the novel. fire- the only thing that can save them, during the story none of the boys worry about the fire except for Ralph but in the end they were rescued when the fire burned throughout the island. beastie- when the boys keep bringing up the beastie it symbolizes the fear that eventually the boys will become"beasts" in their own way. 1. Which boy agrees to the rules the most?
2. What books do the boys compare the island to?
3. What were the 1st two items to disappear off of the island?
4. Which historical person does Ralph most symbolize?
5. What group decreases more and more as time goes on?
6. What does the littlun say the beastie is?
7. What is the 1st object the boys use to light the fire?
8. What do you think makes the boys' laugh at Piggy so much?
9. Who was burned in the fire?
10. Where does the littlun' say the beastie goes during the day? I believe William Golding wrote this book to explain WWII in another angle. He was a part of the navy as a lieutenant and dealt with a lot of issues such as fighting between battleships and he even witnessed the sinking of the Bismark, which was one of the most famous German battleships. Golding compares many of the characters in this novel to real-life people, for example: Ralph in the story is the sensitive leader who try to make the best of the situation, in reality he resembles Theodore Roosevelt, because he also helped out a lot in the United States. Jack is most similar to Hitler because he takes all of Ralphs people and bribes them into a "savage" clan and also becomes very aggressive towards the other boys. Also, Roger is most compared to Stalin because he is not only Jack's "right hand man" but he also helps to keep everyone in check and is very aggressive towards the opposing group of people. In the end, Golding tries to explain to the readers' that although we may look at the army and its men as serious, and a highly courageous group, they are nothing more than a scared group of "boys with sticks." research Irony: In the beginning of the story Jack agrees with Ralph when he says there should be a lot of rules but later on Jack hates the rules and turns against Ralph partly because of them.
also, Jack states that they will keep a look out for ships (pg.43), but later on in the story when a ship does pass Jack does not care about the fire but only about hunting.

literary devices themes: freedom, war, ciilization, morality
-As Ralph sat on platform he notices that to his right were most of the choir boys, on his left were the larger boys, and in front were the "littluns"
-Ralph speaks about where the boys are at on the island (mountaintop)
-Ralph focuses on making fire and an army to hunt for food and explains that there are plenty of pigs and fruit and bathing water
-Jack gets worked up about how he almost caught the pig
-Ralph explains to the kids that they will have to look after themselves and keep things in order without any grown-ups.
-Piggy makes a statement about nobody knowing where they are and until then they have to be strict with the rules
- Boys try to look at the situation as if it came out of a book (ex: Treasure Island, Coral Island) and are positive about the whole experience
-Little boy, (Percival), brings up "beastie" and says it comes out at night.
-Ralph realized he has a new authority (pg. 37) when he reassured everyone that they will be rescued.
-Jack hypes the crowd of boys and they start looking for wood to burn
-Piggy's specs are used as a major tool for fire
-fire becomes too big and burns a big part of the island and Ralph and Piggy realize that Percival is nowhere to be found. (loss of innocence comes into play)
foreshadowing: (pg. 33), Jack is angry that he did not capture the pig and stabs a knife into a trunk, angrily. This signifies that later on in the story Jack will become the dangerous boy in the story."
Also, throughout this chapter and other chapters, there are signs that Ralph can not handle being chief and often looks for Piggy to help him out, this foreshadows that in the end Piggy might not be around for him to use as a guideline. major conflict within the story: boys are only portarying the actions in which they have learned only because of the war that is taking place. This war has caused the boys to let their inner "savage" out and they feel that it is necessary because society has showed them that it is. Ralph- represents leadership and order Jack- symbolizes torture,war, and the need to have power Simon- symbolizes a piece of God. He only tries to keep peace between the boys but eventually is sacrificed for trying to warn them, just as God was killed when trying to warn everyone of what was to come. simile- "The breeze that on the lagoon had chased their tales like kittens were finding their way across the platform and into the forest." pg.34
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