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EnSIGHT Backup

No description

Matthew Barram

on 1 June 2010

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Transcript of EnSIGHT Backup

Real Estate Agent SA Supervisor Provide Quality Free Sustainability Assessments under the Green Loans Program
Obtain jobs to complete from agent Confirm Booking REA Book SA SA Supervisor Provide Items to Book Confirm Bookings
Makes bookings Provides complete list of bookings
List Provided to SA Supervisor Confirms Satisfaction
Complete and Enter Assessment Confirm Assessment Complete SA Supervisor Data Entry Office Make booking with Green Loans Provides list of bookings to be made Confirms task to be completed and timeline Task Assigned Call Green Loans to make booking Bookings made Completed list provided to supervisor This can needs to be done via excel spreadsheet containing all needed information Provide Assessment Info Partner Confirm Details This may include details such as;
customers name
Assessor Carry Out Assessment Onsite
Provides Completed Audit Form
Confirms Satasfation Reports should be check for quality before returning to office for data entry Collect Data Delivers Completed Audit Forms
Partner SA Data Enter Audit forms received in office either my paper or electronic Informs Partner Of Forms Received
SA Supervisor Data Entry & Invoicing
Data Entry & Invoicing Complete
Confirms satisfaction
Invoicing Monthly Invoicing Request
Project Manager SA Supervisor Confirms Number of jobs to invoice
Creates Invoice
Submits invoice for review Confirms happy wih invoice Receive SA SA Supervisor Delegate SA submission Confirm Job Received Data Entry Staff Lodge Booking on system Provides SA with SAT number Confirms Correct Email sent to data entry officer informing them of jobs to be done and timeline SA Supervisor Delegate SA Processing Data Enter/Check/Submit SA Confirm Job Received Data Entry Staff Perform Enter/Check/Submit Lodge & Report Progress Confirms Job Correct/Complete Data Entry Staff SA Supervisor Provide Jobs to Invoice Confirm jobs to invoice Create Invoice for GL Provides Invoice for GL Checks & confirms correct Invoicing Green Loans SA Supervisor Green Loans Manager Approve Green Loans invoice Request manager to review GL invoice Task is agreed Provides Project manager with GL invoice and supporting documentation Confirms Satafsation that invoice is ready to send We are always trying to be different! That's why we see Green Loans as a huge opportunity Make A Difference Create something new! Be the Possibility! AND taking a new look at the way things work is always a great idea! A world in which energy serves humanity to create social harmony and environmental sustainability.
Our Vision Our Mission To inspire the adoption of profitable, innovative and synergistic environmental resource to Government and bussiness
Values Interconnectedness
Market based solutions
Transforming people
Systems thinking
End Use Effiency We support leaders to boldy challenge their own and their enterprises' assumptions about sustainability.

Sustainable design and practice is not a cost impost to be minimsed, but an opportunity to add value.

We show business and government how to transform their approach and practices of resource use; and we inspire leaders to create eco-sustainable and profitable futures.
Intergrated Energy Services Corporation Consulting Software Design & Construct Energy Management Planning

Sustainability Design

Specialist Energy Training

Sustainability Assessment Hardware Webmeter & Energy Manager

Climate Controller Resource Analyser

Gen Modeling

Solar Performance

Water Protection Solar


Energy Management

Metering EnSIGHT - Structure Managing Director Consulting Manager - Resort Sustainability Consultant Data Entry Staff Junior Engineer Director of Business Operations Administration Manager Accountant SA + SD Supervisor Data Entry Staff Data Entry Staff Interns Interns Research & Development Manager Director of Consulting Consulting Manager - Mining Lead Engineer Data Entry Staff Junior Engineer Consulting Manager - Comercial Lead Engineer Data Entry Staff Junior Engineer Consulting Manager - Residential Lead Engineer Data Entry Staff Junior Engineer -eRAD - Resource Assessment Diagnostic
-eHRD - Human Resource Diagnostic
-Energy Auditing
-Predictive modelling
-Solar Energy
-Wind Energy
-Demand Management
-Energy Management
-Energy Control Systems -NGERS Plans
-NABERS Assessments
-Room Based Occupancy Control
-Standalone or Networked
-Industrial based controller
-Door sensors & IR sensor
Climate Controller Prototype Climate Controller
Room Occupancy Based Air Conditioning Control Specification
Australian SPLat controller
Australian Ness door switches & PIR
On board radio receiver module
3 PIR wired inputs, 1 wireless
2 low current relay outputs
1 high power current relay
Operable up to +75oC
Factory supplied interface card
Standalone Operation
Door switch to detect
door open/close & door ajar
PIR to detect movement after
Door status change
Configurable timers
Temperature sensor to manage
room temperature
Connect to AC controls

Network Operation
System can be disabled or
enabled on a time schedule
AC System can be disabled
for energy management
AC Systems are disabled for
Black Start for off grid operations

Guaranteed energy savings
Tamper proof
Energy management compatible

About Our absolute commitment to quality finds recognition in the many environmental and sustainable energy awards we have received:
2009 ECA Excellence Awards Innovative Project of the Year
2002 Institution of Engineers Australia Excellence Award - Environment
2000 Sustainable Energy Industry Association – Award for Energy Efficiency
1999 Institution of Engineers Australia Excellence Award - Sustainable Energy
1996 National Energy Award Winner
Our approach:
Optimising capital investments
Maximising operating cost savings
Improving service levels
Helping clients implement sustainable development strategies
Our Expertise:
Specialist energy management consults
Engineers and electrical contractors
Certified NABERS Assessors
Accredit Master Electricians
Business Model The generation of greenhouse gas emissions is the single largest threat to the stability of the earth’s environment
Electricity production is the most significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions
Our specialist expertise is to design and implement cost effective and sustainable solutions for energy and other key resources
By working with business, industry and government, EnSight has shown how greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced economically to ensure a more sustainable future

Energy Manager Is an energy management system that offers useful
convenience and
About renewable energy investment and black power energy use.

Key Benefits and Features
Easy to install, DIN rail mounted devices
Access web via Proxy Server
Robust Industrial Quality Design
Simplicity of devices
Monitors Solar energy, Grid energy, Temperature, Wind, Irradiance, simultaneously
Web based monitoring service and a personalized web page
Data history and graphing
Cost savings tracking and graphing
Up to the minute Greenhouse gas emissions, tracking and graphing
kWh tracking and graphing
Financial analysis tools for investment, revenue and payback period
Greenhouse gas saving tools that describes your Carbon Footprint EnSIGHT Business Presentation

Our focus is to increase profits and reduce greenhouse gas emissions for our clients.

We can reduce business energy operating costs by 40% under a three-year payback.

We can reduce energy operating costs by 30% under a two-year payback.

These energy cost savings represent reductions in greenhouse gas emissions of 50% and 40% respectively.

We design and implement technology based solutions and through structured monitoring and reporting systems ensure ongoing reductions in savings.

We achieve these savings by taking a whole of business approach.

We have economists, environmental, electrical and mechanical engineers on our team.

Rigourous economic analysis

Extensive knowledge of energy systems and efficient technologies provide cost effective technology based solutions.

Detailed investigations through a structured audit process utilising the computer modelling software we developed for this purpose.

We can drive your energy costs down:- Give you an optimal supply solution.
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