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Franki Horn

No description

maryann carroll

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of Franki Horn

Why is it likely?
Even if no forms of life, not even single cell organisms, exist somewhere in our solar system, the likelihood that life exists somewhere else in the universe is very high. Most stars in our galaxy are main-sequence stars. Stars like these appear to be decently like our sun in light and stability to support development of SCL, at least, on an a near planet. Even if we assume that only 1% of these stars have an earthlike planet, our galaxy by itself would have more than a billion "earths," and our galaxy is only one out of hundreds of billions.
The Endless Search
We have searched endlessly for life in our solar system, but without prevail, and rarely any evidence.
UFOs: What is It??
Unidentified Flying Object, a moving phenomenon in air and space detected by being seen by witnesses or by radar but whose nature is not understood. Interest in UFOs comes not only from speculation that some of them are produced from alien life forms beyond our Earth but also from psychological insight into our current human problems that this subject of extraterrestrial invasion can provide.
UFOs: Doubting Thoughts
Most UFOs have been identified as members to one of the following categories: unconventional aircraft; aircraft under uncommon weather conditions; aircraft with unusual external light patterns; meteorological and other high altitude balloons; artificial satellites; flocks of birds; reflections of searchlights or headlights off clouds; reflection of sunlight from shiny surfaces; luminescent organisms(including one case of a firefly stuck between two adjacent panes of glass in an airplane window.) ;mirages; lenticular cloud formations; ball lightening; sundogs (small or incomplete rainbows);
UFOs: The Unexplained
The date of the first UFO sighting in history is unknown, and the evidence for these encounters is minimal and very uncertain, despite the claims of different books on the topic. Researchers generally mark the start of the UFO phenomenon as the sighting of dirigiblelike “mystery ships” above the United States in 1896-1897. The next large amount of reports came through during World War II, from both Allied and Axis pilots. The pilots reported seeing odd metallike saucers, which they called “foo fighters”, in a controlled flight circling near their planes. In 1964 citizens in Europe, Scandinavia in particular, reported large scale sightings of silent “ghost rockets”. None of these paranormal encounters have been ever reasonably explained
The search for life in our solar system reached its highest point to date with the successful landing of spacecraft on Mars. Along with the spacecraft were experiments created to look for the biological processes of metabolism, photosynthesis, and respiration. In one metabolism, or labeled-release, experiment, a Martian soil sample was covered with a nutrient containing radioactive carbon-14. The inference was that any organisms in the soil would ingest the nutrient and give off carbon-14 gas. Remarkably, large amounts of this gas were indeed detected. The other two experiments, however, gave negative results.
Mysterious Connections
There are many things involved with the mystery and possibility surrounding extra-terrestrial life. There are rumors of things that are involved with alien life forms and their technology. Some believe there is no alien life out there. Before you make up your mind about extra-terrestrial beings, watch this presentation, and decide for yourself; are they out there?
Life on Mars?The Results
The negative results brought up rumors that a very strange chemical reaction, not necessarily biological, was happening. Furthermore, a gas chromatograph failed to detect the existence of organic molecules. The most common opinion has been that Mars most likely does not support even low forms of life.
This is not to say that Mars never had supported life, but currently it appears that Mars doesn't have any form of life inhabiting it.
Weather balloon
Artificial Satellite

Flock of birds (in case you have never seen a bird before)
Habitat Needed for life
In order for life we know of to survive, the moon or planet the life forms are dwelling on would need liquid water. With that the planet or moon could support the most basic organisms, such as bacteria. Mars could possibly have enough water to support life. Venus on the other hand, is too hot for liquid water. A planet may potentially need air for the more complex beings to breathe, however if these beings were structured differently than Earth beings, oxygen is not necessarily crucial to their survival as it is to ours.
To have a chance at supporting life, a planet would also require enough planetary mass to keep an atmosphere. An atmosphere of adequate thickness would help to insulate the planet. In addition, it would also protect the planet’s surface from radiation that is lethal to any living organism on the planet.
Atmosphere (Earth's)
"Foo fighters"
www. go. grolier.com, Life Extra-terrestrial, May 2015
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Instantly Traumatized child
Habitat needed
In addition, the energy ensured by the star (or received by the planet) cannot shift and change too much. If it were to, planetary conditions would go to such extremes, it would go beyond the tolerance of any living beings. The planet’s conditions would be more stable if the planet’s orbit traced a nearly circular path as opposed to a long oval shaped path. The distance in between the star and the planet would always remain the same. Such a stable environment is extremely doubtful for any planet warmed by binary stars; these planets most likely would have irregular movements. Furthermore, the conditions of these planets would rise and fall irregularly in number or amount, thus killing any possible life.
Concluding thoughts On Possible Invasion
Area 51: the mystery
Area 51 is the unofficial name for a United States military base popular in UFO accounts and phenomena.. Some people think UFO’s are alien spacecraft. Area 51 is about 85 miles (137 kilometers) northwest of Las Vegas. It lies within the Nevada Test and Training Range, a U.S. Air Force installation. Government officials have long been unwilling to discuss Area 51, saying that highly classified researches that have happened near the site. In 2013, the Central Intelligence Agency acknowledged that top-secret aircraft, including the U-2 spy plane, were developed at Area 51.These planes fly faster than basic planes and have odd shapes. These aircraft may be the cause for some UFO reports. Such reports, together with the installation’s secrecy, have led to a number of conspiracy theories about Area 51. A popular one claims that Area 51 is in possession of the wreckage—and possibly the alien crew—of a spacecraft that had reportedly crashed near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947
Roswell Crash
Area 51: the Conspiracy
Many theories surround Area 51, a United States military base in Nevada. One hypothesis suggests that HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, was created by military and government agencies. There are many reports of an alien crew and other extraterrestrial beings and technology in Area 51, and the government has the workers of Area 51 sworn to secrecy.
Many people believe the alleged aliens from the Roswell crash are kept prisoner in Area 51.
Yes. We know how you feel.
Final conclusion on Extra Terrestrials
It is most likely that they do exist somewhere in the universe.
UFOs are thought to be their vehicles
They might be observing us, but nobody knows for sure.
They may be here all ready.
The government is hiding the truth from us.
What do you believe?
Thank you for watching this presentation on Extra Terrestrial life. Watching your horrified expressions has been a pleasure.
Famous UFO related events
Some believe the UFOs are watching Earth's people, and that they may even be hiding out somewhere on our planet already. The thought of us being observed is somewhat unsettling, which may be why UFOs and Extra Terrestrials are never discussed by our government. Perhaps they know more than we thought.
Possible Invasion
Some people even go as far as to believe that the aliens and UFOs are all intertwined in some invasion in the future. Scientists think it's unlikely, but they believe it is possible.
Alien invasion
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