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Animal Captivity vs Animal Conservation

No description

Allison Rodowa

on 12 January 2017

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Transcript of Animal Captivity vs Animal Conservation

Animal Captivity vs Animal Conservation
Shared Human and Animal Characteristics
Social and Emotional
Cross Species Relationships
Harmful Effects of Captivity
Zoos vs Conservations/Reserves vs Wild
What You Can Do
Stand with, and donate to, Organizations that are working to ban future animal capture and captivity
Don't patronize zoos, instead travel to observe animals in their natural habitat
Write to zoo sponsors and encourage them to instead spend their money protecting animals in the wild
Encourage local zoos to stop breeding animals and pledge to not accept animals captured in the wild but instead, make space for exotic rescued animals that need a permanent home
Report poor zoo conditions to authorities
Pressure Governments to stop subsidizing zoos with tax payer's money
Make your home and school wildlife friendly
Help clean shorelines and other natural areas
Volunteer at wildlife rescue or rehabilitation centers (eg.Salthaven, which is a 30min drive from London)
Visit animal sanctuaries
Do your research: explore online, watch documentaries, read about animals and how we are encroaching on their habitat, visit museums and science centers
Don't buy Fur or Ivory
All social change comes from the passion of individuals
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