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Social Media 101 PIO 2015

No description

Melissa Daruna

on 8 May 2015

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Transcript of Social Media 101 PIO 2015

What is it and Why Does it Matter?
* Social Media Uses
* Benefits to the Outdoor Industry
* The Feds
* The State or Local Government
* Nonprofits
Develop a Social Media Plan
Take Stock: Evaluate Goals, Themes, and what partners are up to.
Develop an Editorial Calendar + Consistent Hashtag(s)
PLAN, PLAN, PLAN: use tools such as Hootsuite, Klout and schedulers to remain consistent and relevant
Set yourself up for success - start small with one platform for a few months if necessary.
Kate Jerman, USFS
Melissa Daruna, CPRA

Lingo To Know
+ Platform
+ Post/Tweet & Like/Follow
+ #Hashtag
+ Retweet or Share
+ Reach & Impressions
+ Trending
Platforms To Know
* Facebook
* Twitter
* Instagram
* Yonder

Navigating Social Media
and Working For...
Industry Examples

Social Media Rockstars!
(and shameless self-promotion)
Q & A
Social Media Uses
+ Brand Awareness
+ Outreach
+ Conversations
+ Engagement
+ Education
January 2014: 87 % of Americans use the internet
January 2014: 74 % of all online adults use social media
Ages 18 - 29: 89% use social media
Ages 30-49: 82% use social media
Ages 50-64: 65% use social media
Ages 65+: 49% use social media
Partnerships | Speed of information | Credibility
Relevancy | Creativity
In 2012 34% of 18-29 years-olds report receiving their "yesterday's news" from a social media or internet source - PEW
"A web-based technology that enables the development/deployment/management of social media solutions & services" - techopedia.com
Post, Like & Follow
Post/Tweet: to place content (imagery or words) onto a platform for followers or friends to see
Like: to virtually acknowledge that you appreciate a piece of content, post or tweet (#doubletap)
Follow: to elect to see a specific users content in your "news feed" consistently
turns any words or groups of words into a searchable link - this allows you to categorize/organize/track content on discussion topics.
#ForestChat #HikerChat
#Coloradical #IceBucketChallenge

Retweet or Share
Loving a piece of content so much that you share it or place it on your own wall... whereby giving the ultimate virtual "thumbs" up that you dig what that organization is puttin' out there!

Sharing content from other credible groups or "curating" interesting and relevant content is a great way to build brand awareness and followers!
Let's Talk about Sharing for a Sec......
SHARING: the power of Social Media.

Ideas get posted, passed around, re-morphed, re-purposed added to and multiplied & voila!

Reach & Impressions
Reach: The number of people who saw your post. This number has the *potential* to be all or some of your followers

Impressions: The number of times a post is displayed (clicked on or not) people may see multiple impressions of the same post
A "most popular topic" on Twitter. Based on a twitter algorithm defined by : Tweet volume, location, influencers, followers

71 % of online adults use Facebook.
It is the most used social platform by teens & adults - PEW
A free social networking site that allows registered users to create a profile to connect with friends, share content and converse

23% of online adults use twitter

Twitter is a micro-blogging network of real-time posts limited to 140 characters or less

Twitter is about "What's Going On" and is a source of discovery and sharing relevant, timely information, news, and engaging in Conversation

How to Use Twitter: #ForestChat
Instagram is like Twitter for photos (without the character limit)

Instagram is " a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of photos connected to your profile. Snap a photo, pick a filter, and keep a memory!" - Instagram

This is a virtual world of people, brands and organizations connected through photos

The Department of the Interior has 546 K followers on Instagram.
"If Instagram and Yelp were both shopping in REI, they met, fell in love, and had a baby - the result would be Yonder."

-Worth Baker Champion of Strategic Partnerships for Yonder
Social Media for the Outdoor Organization
Social Media & Federal Agencies
DO : know you limitations, regulations and policy
Don't: feel restricted, think of creative ways to engage!
DO: find a close partner or build a network of partners to help spread your messages for you
DO: be consistent in message and utilization and engage with clear, concise facts (even with negativity)
DO: have a plan and a designated social media person
Plan: Create a Timeline
Engage: Partners
Create an Incentive & a Signature Social Media Event
Supplement with 3rd party "partners" and
other types of media
Compliment with Non-Virtual Campaign Assets such as events, print branding, print stories, brand ambassadors

Social Media &
State / Local Governments
DO: know your agency's goals

DO: have a designated person(s) who posts, monitors and responds

DON'T: be afraid of the interaction with the public

DO: build a partner network with other agencies and resources for our audience
Social Media & Nonprofits
DO: Focus on brand recognition

DO: Build followers to support your cause

DON'T: Repost, retweet or share blindly

DO: Get creative with campaigns and directing traffic to your site or profiles
The Red Tape
Quasars & Asteroids
Quartz & Amethyst
Quality & Assurance
Quokkas & Aardvarks
Connect the Dots:
Brand Ambassadors
represented the
Connect the Dots: Photo Booth + Social Engagement
It's All Yours
Campaign Example:

Create a Campaign
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