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Julius Caesar

No description

Katelyn Wolf

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar Born July 13,100 B.C. Fought againt the Alesia 52 B.C. Almost a quarter of a million Gulls Caesar had 40,000 troops Romans pushed back, then they went and trapped the Gulls Mark Antony Caesar trusted him General in army Caesar was a powerful politician thinks government needed reforming, strong leadership,change Gnaeus Pompey and Caesar were once great allies Rubicon river Once Caesar passed he broke the law Caesar gets named consul gets named for life instead of year Pompey and Caesar get into a fight thinks Caesar wants to be king Caesar wants emergency funds Caesar was in a war with spain for about a year Pompey fled to spain Pharsalus 48 B.C. wants to fight Pompey they fight! Caesar wins gets named dictator for life end of republic Mark Antony gets named master of the horse Caesar meets Cleopatra joins army They "get together" March 15th Senators say they need to see Caesar stabbed to death-23 times "Et Tu, Brute?" - his last words means "you to, Brutes?"
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