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The triangle shirt factory

No description

Elena Purrington

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of The triangle shirt factory

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory
By: Elena Purrington
4/30/10 Thesis Statement:
The Triangle Factory Fire was horrible .
Many of the workers lost their lives.
The Womens Trade Union fought for the rights to bring women into the trade union.
There were new laws that happend after the fire
Womens trade Union The Womens Trade Union League
Is to bring women into the trade union
There were demonstrations
There were strikes

Factory The Factory was a very succesful business in NYC.
It was the last 3 floors of the office buliding.
Employed 1,000 Women , and mainly immigrants. 59 Hour Work Week
The factory was small, and the workers worked super
close together, shoulder to shoulder
Saftey Issues Fire Outcome The fabric that was on the floor was flammable.
Smoking was prohibited.
The factory had water buckets to get the fire out.
The stairways were narrow.
There are two doors leading outside.
The Fre Outcome

Firefighters came fast but were too late
The women who jumped out of the buliding either landed on the fire hose, or landed on blankets
When the fire engine arrived it could only reach to the 7th floor
146 deaths which included 13 men

The fire was a terrible disastor
The public was in shock and had an outrage
of the 146 people who died
New York legislature made sure that from now on
statewide that made sure all of the factories would be
investigated and examined The offices that were below the factory were closed when it happened
The flames spread very fast
The Workers were trampled by trying to get out
One of the doors was locked
The workers jumped off of the bulidings, and also jumped out of windows

In Conclusion


“Throughout history, the desire for increased building security has contributed to countless deadly building fires. The most notable fire occurred at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in New York City in 1911, where locked exit doors contributed to 146 fatalities. Although the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire occurred almost 100 years ago, the threat can still exist today if security is not balanced with fire protection. For instance, padlocked exit doors contributed to the deaths of 175 concertgoers at a Buenos Aires nightclub fire in 2004.”


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