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Danny Clarke

An interview with Danny Clarke where he helps us understand a day in the life of someone who is deaf.

Billy Nair

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Danny Clarke

A day in the life of Grew up in California and Kansas
Loves playing Rugby and street racing
Played football and wrestled in high school
Plays Xbox after work to relax
Loves Braveheart!! Danny with
his little girl Teyla He likes TIG welding best He is a welder Tries to read lips, but doesn't catch everything.
Sometimes he has to drag his wife around to talk for him. Challenges He couldn't play rugby with a cochlear implant.
He doesn't care to get one even after he is too
old to play rugby.
He has heard some bad things about the implants.
If his daughter was deaf, he wouldn't want her to get one.
He said that if the technology was better he would get one Cochlear Implants He uses a hearing aid, but it is muffled, it helps to read lips, but not enough to use it all the time.
He really only uses it so he can hear his kids crying.
He loves his phone for communication! He thanks God for the nerds that built the technology for speech recognition and especially video apps like Skype. Assistive Technology Video phones have given him the freedom to
leave the house and still be able to communicate
with friends. He is no longer restricted to talking from home. Cell Phones To communicate at work, he uses a speech recognition app on his phone. He says it is about 80% accurate. It has gotten a lot better in the past few years. He dreams of the day when they have holograms so he can sign with both hands rather than with one hand while holding the phone with the other. New Technology He would like to see an inner ear transplant. Enable Talk Right now "Enable Talk" can only do letters and
simple signs, but it is only about a year old. He
said he would use this if the letters could be translated as fast as he can sign, or if full
signs were even half speed.
Approximately $80 Other Concerns Some improvement to think about in "Digital Media" development He gets frustrated when people turn away when he is talking to them,
it's like plugging your ears.

He is a good salesman, he was one of the top 2 in his company. He knows he could be a lot better if he was not restricted in his communication. Anytime there is a video in a website that doesn't have captions he is frustrated with it. Youtube is trying to do auto closed captions, but it is still a long ways from being accurate.

In movies, he likes to the captions like [Birds Chirping] or [Door Slams] because in scary movies people will jump and he won't know what happened.

He likes music, he can feel it, and he would like to see more closed captions include the lyrics as well. Danny Clarke
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