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Baltic alcohol policies becoming Nordic?

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Lauri Beekmann

on 15 December 2016

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Transcript of Baltic alcohol policies becoming Nordic?

Baltic alcohol policies becoming Nordic?
Lauri Beekmann, NordAN
Because nothing much has changed
Deducting tourist consumption and accounting for some degree of consumption of illegal alcohol (0.5 liters per person) brought the total amount of alcohol consumption, as measured in absolute alcohol, to 8.7 liters per resident, or 10.3 liters per adult. Thus alcohol consumption in Estonia decreased for the third year in a row.
2008 - Night time sale ban
15% in 2016
10% in 2017
10% in 2018
10% in 2019
10% in 2020
Wine 20%
Wine 20%
July 2015 - TALLINN banned the sale of beverages with alcohol content higher than 22 percent in gas stations, shops smaller than 150 square meters and shops less than 50 meters from primary, secondary and vocational schools.
a) alcohol must be on separate shelves
b) major food stores need to create separate departments with non-transparent walls; in smaller shops, alcohol may only be sold from behind the counter.
c) alcohol sales ban in stores at gas stations.
d) Alcohol ads may only contain regarding the drink its 1) name 2) type 3) name of producer 4) trademark 5) country of origin 6) geographical region 7) ethanol content percentage 8) image of sales package 9) description of characteristics (color, aroma, taste). The information contained in alcohol ad must be presented on single color background, and without sound and visual design elements.
g) Also to be banned is the thus far allowed open air ads of low-alcoholic beverages (strong alcohol is already banned).
h) In TV the allowed time for alcohol ads will be pushed further into the night by one hour to 10 pm.
- retail state monopoly
- ban on advertising
- age limit to 20 (strong alcohol)
- raise taxes

Thank you!
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