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Grant Broderick

Career shadowing

Grant Broderick

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Grant Broderick

Career Shadowing Grant Broderick My Career shadowing mentor is Mrs. Bennett and Mr. John Ringles and I am career shadowing at the polk county school board at Fdlrs. Employability skills
1. Be on time or you will lose pay.
2. Greet your customers in a nice way
3. Dress appropriately The Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resources System (FDLRS) is a network of state and federally-funded centers which provide support services to exceptional student educators, children, parents, and community agencies. The technology that is used in this
job is computers, telephones. In 15 years the company will still be ther and it will still be helping the kids that need help in school. My mentor makes an average salary
of 36'000 to 45'000 dollars a year. Requirments
1. High school diploma
2. 1 year of college
3. Training from the polk county school board I liked the job I career shadowed because
you get to be around alot of people and
you get to meet new people every day. The only thing That I do not like about this job is that there is alot of paper work every single day.
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