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What IS Team Based Learning?

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Rebecca McCarter

on 8 April 2018

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Transcript of What IS Team Based Learning?

Student Centred! Active! Collaborative!
It's a structured form of flipped learning: it changes the emphasis from what the
instructor says
to what the
student does -
and builds on that idea through
working in groups
to solve problems
Students work in
strategically formed
teams for a semester
or more
Use assessment
TBL uses low stakes, frequent testing as an incentive framework in the Readiness Assurance Process (RAP)
1. Teams focus on making decisions
Why does it work?

What IS Team Based Learning?
With TBL, students spend the bulk of class time applying concepts to problem solving
Using the 4S framework, students are given many opportunities for
rich and detailed feedback
on their
decisions and thinking processes
from both their teacher
and their peers
This means you can:-
increase individual accountability by leveraging social capital
share the factors for risk and success throughout all teams
genuinely value diversity and help to overcome 'group think'
2. Problem solving
performance improves
3. Activities progress through Bloom's levels
Rebecca McCarter
with excerpts from 'The Least you need to know about TBL' by Jim Sibley

Want to learn more?
Peer Evaluation
Preparation for workplace
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