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Prophet Muhammad!

No description

Year3 Academy

on 1 July 2014

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Transcript of Prophet Muhammad!

Prophet Muhammad!
Muhammad was born in Mecca. He was born on 570. Muhammad 's father 's name is Abd Allah. His mother is called Amina. He is important because he is the messanger of god. He married a woman called Khadijah. He died on June 8, 632 in Medina.
Mecca is in Hijaz,Saudi Arabia.Mecca is important to islam because is the city that Muhammad was born. The Kaaba is something in Mosque that islam believe is the house of God. The muslim
people have to walk around
it. There is a black stone in Mecca.

The Qur'an
The Qur'an is a book that is precious for islam.The Qur'an is important because you will be a better muslim.It is also important because it tells you what happened in the past.

Ramadan is when you fast you are not allowed to eat or drink. Ramadan is all around the world. You begin your fast when the sun comes out and you can eat when the sun goes down.
The 1st Pillar
The Shahadah meas faith.The Shahadah is the first pillars of islam.This is faith to Allah.There is nothing worthy of worship.There is no god but Allah.Muhammad is the messanger of Allah.
The 2nd pillar!
The 2nd pillar is Salat which means prayer.You have to pray 5 times a day and the children has to be 7 and over.All muslim around the world has to pray in the same direction towards Kaaba.
The 3rd Pillar!
Zakat is the 3rd pillar which means charity.It is when you give money or clothes to the poor people.You have to do Zakat because that is part of islam.
The 4th pillar!
Sawm means fasting.All the muslims have to fast except kids.They have to give up eating and drinking from sun rise and sun set.
The 5th pillar!
Hajj means pilgrimage. Once a year all the muslims go to Mecca to pray front of Kaaba to worship Allah. If you can afford money you should go to Mecca because it is good for you.

Allah has 99 names. Allah's messenger is called Prophet Muhammad. He is in everyone and people that are muslim. Muslim's beleive that Allah created everyone. Allah is not born because he does'nt have any parents.
Eid !
Eid is a celebration that muslims celebrate. They go to the Mosque and they do a special prayer. There are 2 Eid's per year one is Eid al fitr and Eidal bakrah. Food we eat biryani, hulvah, sweet rice, salan and rotie.
Mosque is where you read namoaz, read Quidah and the Quran. Inside the Mosque it shows what other Mousqe's look like. When you go inside the Mosque you cover your head with a skarf if female or hat if male.
islamic art
It is when there is a pattern and where there is not a pattaern or just a nice drawing about the decerations of islam.
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