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Charles' Law

Gases govern our world and Charles' Law is just one of the important laws.

Lainie Brubaker

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Charles' Law

Double click anywhere & add an idea Absolute Temperature Lainie Nicole, Tori, Brandi, Casey, Nebila Group 3 Charles' Law Period 10 Volume and temperature are closely related. V/T=K
Volume/Temperature=Constant Absolute Temperature? A drop in absolute temperature equals a proportional drop in volume. 0 K is absolute zero No volume at absolute zero Why does an aerosol can get cold? The can's contents release energy. As the energy is released, the temperature drops. Why do tires seem flat in the winter? The particles are moving slower in colder temperatures. Therefore, they do not hit the sides as fast or hard.
Find the final volume of a gas at 256K, if the volume is 6L at 555K.

First Volume is 6L.
First Temperature is 555K.
Second Volume is Unknown.
Second Temperature is 256K. 6L/555K=?L/256K


?L=2.7676L How do Hot Air Ballons work? Hot air rises. Cold air falls. Heating the air blows up the balloon because it takes up more volume. Therefore, the hot air is less dense causing it to float. Rising Water Activity The candle heats up the air in the glass causing it to be lighter and take up more volume. The water flows up into the glass when it completely covers the candle because the candle burns out. With the candle's flame gone, the air cools down and takes up less volume and needs to suck in the water to fill the extra volume. Random Facts Jacques Charles made the first flight of a hydrogen balloon on August 27,1783. This balloon was destroyed by terrified peasants when it landed outside of Paris. EXIT PASS:

If a gas is at 70mL at 63C, what is the final volume at 288C?

What is the final temperature of a gas that has a volume of 23L, if the gas has a temperature of 357K at a volume of 45L?

If a gas has a volume of 21L at 500K, what is the volume of the gas at 607K?

Find the original volume of a gas at 200K, when the final temperature and volume is 705K and 800mL.
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