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AC Circuits

No description

Brett Landau

on 7 June 2016

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Transcript of AC Circuits

What is an AC circuit?
circuit elements + AC generator or source
voltage output is sinusoidal
Simple AC circuit
Root Mean Square
rms current:
the direct current that dissapates the same amount of energy in a resistor as the actual alternating current."
AC Circuits
Capacitive Reactance
"The impeding effect of a capacitor on the current in an AC circuit is expressed in terms of a factor called the
capacitive reactance"
Brett Landau
current starts at a large value
t=0; resistance of wires hinder flow of charge
current decreases as voltage increases
at d, current reverses
Xc: ohm
f: hertz
C: farads
↑frequency --> ↓charging time --> ↓voltage --> ↑current
new equation:
two coils of wire wound around core of iron
iron core increases magnetic flux
iron is also medium for flux to pass
induced volatage across the primary:
voltage across secondary:
two types of transformers:
1. step-up
2. step-down
Faraday's Law
voltage will only generate in the secondary when there exists a change in flux lines passing through the secondary
input current must change in the primary
if the current were constant (DC), voltage only appears in the secondary the instant of connection
Edison vs. Tesla

Physics Textbook
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