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Penner Waste

No description

Manitoba/Ontario Prezi

on 24 February 2016

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Transcript of Penner Waste

Penner Waste

It's what you do
when you can't see someone.
We are
trying to
create a market for your product.
We are trying to exploit a market
that already exists and direct
customers to
your place of business.
Be known before you're needed
Be known when you're needed
How to Advertise
Results =
+ Frequency
+ Consistency
+ Creativity
+ Frequency
"Dominate" a station..
and Motivate Consumers
Run schedules to ensure that the majority of listeners hear your commercial a minimum three times a week.
+ Consistency
People shop all the time.

People often take their time buying.

Ensure when someone needs your product or service, they think about Penner Waste!
+ Creativity
Imagine every ad is a salesperson working for you.

Appeal to everyone - sell Features (practical) & Benefits (emotional) equally.
Why Radio?
It's Effective & Personal
Your potential customers spend more time with radio than any other type of local media

92% of adults listen to radio an average of 20+ hours per week

Our stations have a personal and local connection with our audience
Radio is on:
In the car, at home and at work
Streaming online and on your mobile phone
It’s in stores, restaurants and at the dentists office

Radio is always accessible
Wherever You Are...
Radio is There With You!
It's Mobile!
It's Sound
Radio is sound - intrusive, irresistible sound - It makes electronic media the long distance runner of advertising.

Broadcast wins the hearts of customers before they're in the market for your product.

Sound is memorable. Consider music and all those songs you know the lyrics to without ever intentionally learning them
Recommendation 1 - Homepage Leaderboard #3 - Max 4 Rotations (2 Available)
Recommendation 2 - News Page Leaderboard #2 or #3 - Max 4 Rotations (3 Available)
15-second Commercial
Private Dwelling Stats Canada 2011

4265 Winkler
3250 Morden
1638 Altona
Providing local communities with relevant information online for more than 13 years
Your local digital newspaper
Local News
Latest Weather
Local Sports
Events Calendar
Feature Pages
Biz Guide
Connected community 24/7
More affordable than print advertising
Link directly to your website
Environmentally friendly
Your Opportunity
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