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Coral Reef Calcification

No description

Sarah Piper

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Coral Reef Calcification

Coral Reef Calcification My research Question What harm does Calcium Carbonate do to the coral reefs? Chemical Equation 2HCO3 + Ca2 <=> CaCO3 +CO2 +H20 My Products CaCO3 + CO2 +H2O My Reactants 2HCO3 + Ca2 What's Happening? Bicarbonate (HCO3) combines with the Calcium Ions
in water to make Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3).
The Calcium Carbonate is good for the Shellfish, but there is too much of it now which is making limestone. The limestone is now eating away at the Coral Reefs which are destroying all the homes of the fish and other Sea creatures.

My Equation is balanced. Why is it necesary to balance the equation? Yes, it is necessary because they need to be stable, and
according to the Law of Conservation, Matter
cannot be created or destoryed. Some more information I found. Coral reefs are homes to many fish and sea creatures.
If the Calcium Carbonate keeps increasing then eventually
our Coral Reefs will die out and there will be no where for our fish and Sea creatures to live. The reason the oceans are producing to much Calcium Carbonate, is because of the climate changes. Our Climate has been changing rapidly and that has The impact this research had on me: This research impacted me by showing me that Coral Reefs need our help. If we help keep oceans clean we can reduce the Coral Reef Clacification by a lot. We don't want to Coral reefs damaged by this limstone.

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