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Eduardo Summative Assessment

No description


on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Eduardo Summative Assessment

The Telephone
Ms.Margot's class
4th Grade

Before the Telephone

This time periode had happened on the 1800s. People first used to write letters insted of the telephone. People would have to write letters to people who lived far away by horse. for exaple you lived in California and needed to send a letter to some one hwo lived in New York!! It would cost 5$ to take one letter to some one. It Actually take months so that the letter gets to theire finall stop.
Morse Code
The time periode the morse started was in the mid 1800s. The system wich the moorse code work was with dots and lines. The moorse code could only recive one mesage at the time. The mesages were send to another machine. The other machine printed the moorde code onto paper. The moorse codes were telegraphs. The telegraphs helped people talk from lon distances.there were problems.people didn't have telegraphs at home and telegraphs some times don't work.

Michael Fraday Stated working with electricity 1831. He made electricity with wiers and magnets but he needed to work with other inventors. Charles Bourseul studyed sound in 1854.He knew that sound made vibrations, and he belived machines send and recive vibrations.
Telephones Today
Cordless telephones had radeo waves electricity and electricity signal. The cellular now has better signals like voice signals, and signals are carried by radeo waves.
Telephone Services
There are different types of services. A caller can put long Phone number by presing only one single botton. Some cellulars let people write mesages, Now telephones are part of are lives! It lets Us be in touch with our jobes, families and friends.
Interesting Facts
Some facts of the telephone are that the telephone changes peoples voice throght the electrical signals, the next telephone turns the electrical signals back ibto the person's voice.
If you have any comments or cuestions about my prezi project please leve them right hear.Thanks for waching.☻
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