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Cons for the United Nations

No description

Michael Graham

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Cons for the United Nations

About the United Nations
Formed after WW2
Started with 51 nations in the 1940s
As of 2008 it had 192 members
It was created to prevent another world war and to prevent genocide. -Robert M. McDowell, Wall street Journal
Cons for having the United Nations
United Nations and communication
February 27, 2014 diplomatic process will begin in Geneva between world powers possibly giving the UN unprecedented power over the internet and international communication. This is a power they were never intended to have.
-Robert M. McDowell, Wall Street journal
Nuclear Powers
In 1970, 190 nations signed a treaty to stop nuclear proliferation.
Today there are 5 nuclear nations. And even more countries are developing nuclear weapons without UN intervention. -Andrew Fitzgerald, lightverse
Bosnia War Massacre
In 1995 Serbian forces surrounded a UN military compound, killing 7,800 Bosniaks. The UN was unprepared and unable to prevent this genocide. Showing how ineffective the UN is at maintaining peace and stability.
-Andrew Fitzgerald, Lightverse
Rwanda Genocide of 1994

The UN hired Belgian peacekeepers to protect citizens and prevent war crimes.
The peacekeepers abandoned the UN compound full of refugees seeking protection due to an over whelming force of militants in the city.
The militants committed genocide at the compound killing close to 1 million refugees. While the UN was unprepared to prevent it.
Andrew Fitzgerald, lightverse
The UN relations with the USA
The US is the largest money contributor to the UN.
The US has payed the UN...
$4.115 billion in 2004
$5.327 billion in 2005
$6.347 billion in 2009
$7.691 billion in 2010
and the number continues to grow.
Why should America keep putting billions of dollars into the UN, when it continues to fail?
-Brett D. Schaefer, nationalreview.com
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