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Privatization of The Space Industry

No description

Sai Narra

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of Privatization of The Space Industry

Space Agencies & Private Companies
Private Companies Enter the Field

NASA Acts as Central Power

Space Research is important for General Advancement

Cooperation Between Space Agencies and Private Companies
NASA's Partnerships
Development of the Webb Telescope (Banks)

Structure of Old Space (Peeters)

Even When Working Together Accidents Can Happen (Watson)
NASA’s Unpredictability and Involvement
Many New Space Research Firms Have Opened

NASA's Budget is as Unpredictable as an Earthquake (Hartmann)

NASA Has Signed Contracts with Private Companies (Crane).
Earth’s Degradation and Instability
The Population of the Earth Rises Every Second (United States)

Control of the Degradation of Earth Has lead to Cruel Practices

Current Infrastructure Remains Feeble to Nature
Privatization of The Space Industry
The Compromise
The Future of Space
By: Sai A. Narra
The Cost of Launching a Space Craft is Outlandish (Stern)

Private Research Should Not Have to Pass Through NASA

Uniform Regulations For All
Imagination and Direction (Montgomery)

Orion and The SLS

The 100 Year Plan
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