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Aztecs Maiya

No description


on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Aztecs Maiya

by Maiya Olsen
Ms.Paola Ortiz
3rd grade

Aztec hut
Aztec foods
Aztec clothing
Aztec temple
There is a temple that the Aztecs build.They made amazing temples like this photo.Have you ever been to Mexico?
there is a ancient hut that the Aztecs used to build. They where amazing constructors.Have you ever seen a Aztec hut?
There is Aztec foods
it looks weird ,but I think that is what the Aztecs ate yum mm! Have you ever ate Aztecs food?
Look these are Aztec clothing they look really ancient.They were like the 60 century.They were in Mexico for 40o years.Have you ever put on Aztec clothes?

Aztec Habitat
Look how beautiful this is!It is the Aztec habitat,I love this habitat it looks nice fresh air and all nice and clean without polution.Have you ever been to a Aztec Habitat?

Aztec Gods
There is one of the Aztec gods.Did you know that the Aztecs made a human sacrifice to empress there god,and give them foood.Have you ever done a Human Sacrifice for a god
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