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Family Literacy Programs:

No description

Diamond MacDonald

on 20 June 2018

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Transcript of Family Literacy Programs:

LEARN, the lifelong education and resource network offers free community programs
Free programs are geared towards families with children aged 0 to 6 years old,.
Parents are a child's first teacher
Family literacy programs foster the involvement of parents in their children’s learning. This involvement improves the literacy skills of parents and their children.
It takes a village...
Developing community-based partnerships that supports parents and society in the development of language skills improves the outcomes of families, communities and beyond.
LEARN Family Literacy Programs
Opening new windows of opportunity so all Alberta families can achieve what they can imagine.
Lifelong Learning
Education does not always happen in a classroom. Learning is a lifelong endeavor that individuals can use to achieve their goals and aspirations. Increased literacy skills can positively affect a family's economic status, income and open up opportunities in all parts of life.
socio-economic forces
programs that help adults create learning environments for their children
Vision and Values
LEARN strives to create partnerships in the community that improve family literacy.

LEARN values the family as an important influence in the lives of children. The program values the ways in which individuals learn differently. LEARN values community partnerships and every individuals right to respect, dignity, inclusivity and accessibility.
History of LEARN
The original purpose of LEARN and Further Education Councils was to bring individuals back into educational facilities and programs after they were done their formal education.

Continuing education courses across Alberta began in 1973; examples of courses offered were blue jean sewing and cake decorating.Community programming grew from there.
Program funding
LEARN family literacy programs are made possible through funding from Alberta Education and Advanced Education, Fifth Avenue Memorial United Church, Medicine Hat Women's Shelter Society and Redcliff Public Library.
Family Literacy, families learning together.
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