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Anne Frank's Moral Courage

Anne Frank showed lots of Moral Courage during the time of the Holocaust

Bethany Yeh

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Anne Frank's Moral Courage

Anne Frank has Moral Courage by Bethany Yeh "Who is wise, who learns from all." Anne turned into a wise and sensitive woman. This was evolved because she spent so long cooped up in hiding that she learned patience, silence, and maturity very early in her early years in the Annex. Anne Frank was wise because she found a way to interest herself and put down her thoughts while in hiding with her family. She studied her school things (especially her math). Even if she thought that she didn't have a chance of proving her studies into the real world, she still studied daily. This shows that Anne Frank was wise. Anne Frank Was Wise "Who is strong, He who conquers his evil inclination (bad thought or evil temptation)." Anne was “strong” (mentally) because she was able to overcome many temptations. Some were as small as temptations of wanting to make noise or go outside. Others could have been as big as keeping sane. She was able to not go crazy with having to stay quiet in the Annex for so many years. I would have given up, but she was able to persevere the thought of being able to keep living, and maybe be free from the Holocaust. She didn't lose hope during the Holocaust. Anne Frank Was Strong "Who is wealthy, he who is satisfied with his lot." Anne and her family were actually living in better conditions than other Jews in hiding. Some people in Anne’s family were not so thankful about their living conditions and their supplies. Anne appreciated her work space and she made the best of it. She made a routine everyday and wrote in her journal. She did math and homework and tried to learn on her own. Though she was not rich with money, she was rich with the things that she already had. Anne Frank Was Rich "Who is honored, he who honors others." Anne honored her father and she loved him. People at her school admired her. She had many friends when she was at school. In the present, Anne Frank is also honored and admired because of her great story in the Secret Annex. She is also honored because her diary shows proof that the Holocaust happened and how she lived in the Annex. She honored others, such as her father, and she was honored back. Anne Frank Was Honored Ben Zoma Says: Who is wise, he who learns from all? Who is strong, he who overcomes evil inclination? Who is rich, he who is satisfied with his lot? Who is honored, he who honors others? Anne Frank had moral courage because she showed great personal strength and embraced moral courage. She stayed hidden, even when she felt like giving up. She tried to hide from the Nazis, even when she thought hope was lost. Anne Frank was wise because she studied her schoolwork even when she thought that she wouldn't be able to go back to the real world to use her academic skills. Anne was also strong (mentally) because she was able to maintain her saneness and not become crazy from having to stay put for so many years. Anne was rich because she appreciated the things that she had in the Annex and she made the best of her surroundings. Anne also honored her father and her friends at her school honored her. Today we honor her as a survivor with moral courage.
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