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Who listens to Community Radio

No description

Mark Barrow

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Who listens to Community Radio

There is a common misconception that Local and Community Radio are virtually related, even though this
isn't the case
. Indeed, Local Radio usually involves a
specific region
- such as
(North West) - which, as a result, only highlights
important, local issues
, such as fires or criminal activity. Alternatively, National headlines can be broadcast on Local radio, providing they have a
connection to the region
. For instance, the Michael Le Vell (Coronation Street's Kevin Webster) rape allegation was a nationwide story, yet it also appeared on North West, or Greater Manchester, Radio stations, due to the actor being from the Manchester area - where the Soap is set. Meanwhile, Community Radio is also generally used for
locally aimed projects,
such as an exhibition in the library, whereas Local radio is specific to
news stories
, as opposed to what is going on, within the region.
How Local/National and Community Radio differ:
How is Community Radio different from Local Radio?
How is Community Radio different to National Radio?
National Radio primarily consists of
major news
headlines, from
around the country
, but also abroad. As a consequence, only
important issues
- such as War or Politics - are usually submitted. Therefore, it is almost impossible for the same story to appear on both National and Community Radio, as the latter only deals with local ideas (which aren't always connected to the news; merely entertainment). The predominant exception to this rule would be when a
Community Radio is offering an interview with a famous person,
who resides within the given region. For instance, if a famous writer lives within a small community, then the Community Radio might try and interview them, although they are commonly heard Nationwide.
This concludes the different types of radio broadcasting, and how our example -
Oldham Community Radio
- links into them. It is clear that community radio stations (like OCR) only represent a
local area or community,
hence them relying on
in order to survive -
big businesses
on stations that cover a
much larger demographic area.
This links to the
type of news
that is covered, of course, as community radio stations are specific to
local news and projects
, so items on the station are generally
less important and prominent,
compared to local, national or international radio stations.
Who listens to Community Radio?
People who listen to Community Radio Stations usually comprise of individuals who have a vivid
interest in their local area
. They enjoy learning about
regional projects,
for instance, meaning Community Radio is one of the few ways in which they can find out about such ideas. People who can
relate themselves
to a particular area, they may, therefore, want to learn about
local plans
. As a result, the target audience for Community Radio Stations is often
older generations
, as these are the people that (on the whole), want to be
about regional plans. However, there are notable exceptions: For instance, individuals who are looking for
might feel that this type of Radio will benefit them, due to them finding out about a specific project.
Consequently, our group broadcast is set to appear on a

radio station
, due to it being published on
Oldham Community Radio.
As a result, our publication is only involving a
local, upcoming comedian
, as community stations just don't have the
to afford a more
prominent comic
, such as Peter Kay.
Also, it is evident, from listening to Oldham Community Radio, that the
are strictly
whilst the music isn't necessarily
popular and modern.
Again, this all relates to the lack of

OCR is not a
major institution
, like the BBC, whilst it only appeals to a
local audience
, hence it
not being backed
large companies
' advertisements, from across the North West. As with all Community radio stations, it is offering a
people from

within the community
; Oldham, in this case.
Meanwhile, the
of the broadcast - around 9am - is usually a community radio station's most
popular time
- including Oldham Community Radio - as it consists of our
target audience
(16-19 year olds), going to
work, school or college
. This means that
more people are listening
, in the car or on the bus, for example
Oldham Community Radio
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