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2013 HKIEd-NNU Debate Competition!

No description

Jeff Clapp

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of 2013 HKIEd-NNU Debate Competition!

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
2013 HKIEd-NNU Debate Competition!
The Details!
From November 22 to November 26, SEVEN students will travel to Nanjing to compete against the NNU Speech and Debate Team.
Two Separate Contests
Parliamentary Debate Competition
Parliamentary Debate
Two teams of three people.
Eight total speeches.
Prepared arguments on each side of each debate topic.
Public Speaking Competition
Part 1: Prepared speech on a pre-set topic. 5 minutes long. At the end, you will be asked one question and will have 1 minute to answer.

Part 2: Impromptu speech. Draw lots for speech topics. 20 minutes preparation, 3 minute speech.

Emphasis on quality of the speech
and quality of presentation.
Try it out!
Resolved: This House would ban the use of smartphones in all Hong Kong secondary schools.
Come to tryouts!
There will be three days of debate, probably with a little bit of sightseeing around Nanjing.
Your trip will be FREE.
-two teams of 3, with one alternate
Public Speaking Competition
-individual event
Emphasis on compelling arguments.
If you want to come to tryouts, put your name, email address, Student ID number, and preferred time on the sign-in-sheet.
there can only be seven
Your tryout will take about twenty minutes
Resolutions from NNU
1. This House would criminalize public figures' exaggeration and fabrication of personal experience.

2. This House would provide financial incentives to companies with women in leadership positions.

3. This house would ban all forms of portrayal of violence in the media.

Tryout Format
Spar Debate
We will offer you and one other candidate a list of simple resolutions, like "Always tell the truth." One candidate will choose the resolution; the other will choose whether to speak affirmatively or negatively.
After a short preparation period, you will have a very brief two-speech debate with the other candidate.
Official Debate Format

Prime Minister, or 1st Affirmative 7 mins
Leader of the Opposition, or 1st Negative: 7 mins

Deputy Prime Minister, or 2nd Affirmative: 7 mins
Deputy Leader of the Opposition, or 2nd Negative: 7 mins

Member of the Government, or 3rd Affirmative: 7 mins
Member of the Opposition, or 3rd Negative: 7 mins

Leader of the Opposition, or 1st Negative Rebuttal: 4 mins
Prime Minister, or 1st Affirmative Rebuttal: 4 mins
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